Finally Watched It: Salad Fingers

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I had never heard of this series before but since Film Theory is doing an analysis of it, I actually thought I would check it out. This is yet another thing that I mentioned I’d never seen or heard of that garnered a gasp of shock so, it qualifies for my Finally Watched It series.

This is freaky as hell with some very disturbing imagery. I wouldn’t let my kid see this if I had any control over it, that’s for damn sure. But, call me psycho, I found this to be supremely sad. Perhaps the Film Theory colored my perception of it but I watched the series all in one shot and it was clear to me that our main character up there has either done some really fucked up shit or has been through some really fucked up shit and he just broke. His mind is DONE. Everything in his behavior smacks of DID and PTSD. The second part of that video didn’t come out yet but I really do wonder if he’s a former soldier with severely damaged hands who was possibly a POW.

Yeah, I know. This is a messed up series and there’s something probably messed up in my head for me to jump to sadness and pity for the main character rather than abject horror. Don’t get me wrong, I was disturbed and freaked out but to me, it was so obvious that what I was seeing was inside someone’s head that all I could think of is what terror this poor man suffered to end up like this.

My guess is probably WAY off base, though.

If you are looking for some creepy old animation to watch for Halloween, this series will take up about an hour of your time. I can’t say it’s for everyone so feel free to bail out after the first part if you want. I wouldn’t blame you.

If I remember, I’ll post if I was right or not about my guess.

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