This Week’s Workouts So Far






This week’s C210K seemed harder for some reason and it is totally because of how long they are. In sticking with the schedule, I’ve forgotten how it feels to run close to an hour. It’s a struggle to make it through that last 10-minute jog and I can feel my fingers swelling.

Does anyone else have that problem when they run? Finger swelling? It is very unnerving…

As for incorporating more cross-training, that ab workout from Atlas Shape leaves me feeling much like the P90X Ab Ripper: too sore to laugh, cough, or sneeze. That must mean it’s working.

Week 10 means 15 minute long runs instead of 10 and I am honestly not sure if I can make it all four intervals. I may have to repeat the week or repeat week 9 to build up my endurance.

Either way, bring it on. Won’t know if I fail hard until I try!

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Today’s Workout: I’m A Ninja! :D

And there was a zombie headless horseman.


As promised, here’s my workout for this evening. I am very aware that for my body to make any real changes, I need to incorporate strength training with my running so I picked through the various routines on my Atlas Shape app and switched my primary routine to the toning one instead of fat burn. I already do the running for fat burn.

And yeah, I’m knock-kneed. Deal with it.

I did two rounds of the Ninja total body toning which included Alt. Right/Left Lunge, Russian Twist, Sumo Squat, Prone Hip Driver, and Jumping Jacks. All of these are max reps. I kinda wish Atlas integrated with My Fitness Pal as seamlessly as Zombies Run so I have to add in the routine manually. That’s ok I guess but I feel like I’m missing something in the total burn for the day. But after a 500+ calorie run, that piddly 52 doesn’t seem like a big deal.

I feel sore but kinda invincible. And NO I didn’t take any Advil… I dunno what else to really say but post workout showers are the best.


(You get the point)

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