Today’s Workout: I’m A Ninja! :D

And there was a zombie headless horseman.


As promised, here’s my workout for this evening. I am very aware that for my body to make any real changes, I need to incorporate strength training with my running so I picked through the various routines on my Atlas Shape app and switched my primary routine to the toning one instead of fat burn. I already do the running for fat burn.

And yeah, I’m knock-kneed. Deal with it.

I did two rounds of the Ninja total body toning which included Alt. Right/Left Lunge, Russian Twist, Sumo Squat, Prone Hip Driver, and Jumping Jacks. All of these are max reps. I kinda wish Atlas integrated with My Fitness Pal as seamlessly as Zombies Run so I have to add in the routine manually. That’s ok I guess but I feel like I’m missing something in the total burn for the day. But after a 500+ calorie run, that piddly 52 doesn’t seem like a big deal.

I feel sore but kinda invincible. And NO I didn’t take any Advil… I dunno what else to really say but post workout showers are the best.


(You get the point)

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