Today’s Workout: Dodo’s?


This series always has some strange turns. Fun turns but also strange.

I had to cover for someone on vacation so, I have two nights at work this week. Confusing for my brain but great for getting up to run before work without having to drag ass outta bed before the sun comes up. It was a good run and it made me feel accomplished first thing on a Monday. That’s always good.


On Sunday, I made a pot of sauce. Its a pretty big pot so, I’ll be eating a lot of pasta to work my way through it. A tragedy, I know. For dinner, my friend had extra arroz con pollo with some chorizo and brought some for me. It was just the right amount of spice for me. I thought I’d save some for my kid but nah, I ate it all.

I also tried to make it a point to move around more during the day. I’ve been noticing some hip pain and I haven’t done any workouts to justify it. My lazy Google searching found that sitting too much can cause hip pain. I have a movement reminder on my watch and I’ll be doing my best to get up and walk around more often during the day and take time for some extra stretching. That should do the trick but I plan to talk to my doctor regardless.

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Today’s Workout: Switching it up


Yeah, I’m not having much luck working out after work. I have been too tired and end up skipping it. And I don’t think the peddler is intense enough to be relying on it as my sole cardio. So, I’m trying to get up early three times a week and running before I go to work. It’s a long day but it’s worth it to get in the run, clean up real quick, then head off to deal with the rest of my day. And I’m using Zombies Run and c25k to keep track of my time and intervals.

A big part of running in the morning is preparing my lunch the night before. So, while I was making dinner (that first picture with the swordfish) I prepped my food for the Itaki. I also had time to make some breakfast but on the Saxenda, all that was way too much food. Dinner came around and the thought of eating anything else made me feel sick. I need to have something lighter in the morning, even though a bagel with egg is so comforting after a run.

By the way, that swordfish was delicious. I marinated it in olive oil and lemon juice and pan fried it with olive oil, butter, and whole garlic cloves. If I get a decent deal on it again, I’ll absolutely buy some more. 

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Today’s Workout: They “fixed” it

The recent update to Zombies Run isn’t the best. I can’t share workouts like I used to and when it sent the workout to Google Fit, it registered it as a walk, not a run. I know they’re working on it. I’m not complaining in a malicious way, more like a “Huh… That’s annoying” kind of way.

I know I wanted to get back to running three times a week but I probably won’t have a third run this week. I have to get my flu and COVID vaccine on Friday. I have the feeling I’m going to feel crappy and want to take it easy.

I had a craving for the buttermilk chicken from Trader Joe’s but they didn’t have any. I got the Spatchcocked Lemon Rosemary Chicken instead. It was really good! very moist and flavorful. I wasn’t happy having the oven on but ah well. For lunch, I had a sandwich with Trader Joe’s Everything chips and the sandwich was great but the chips were meh. They’re alright but I probably won’t get them again.

Overall, it was a good day but I’m not looking forward to those vaccinations. I’d rather be safe than sorry, though.

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Today’s Workout: A new 5?

I am entirely too invested in this story if it bugs me at all that there’s a new Runner 5. I still love the story and the rest of the cast but I’m hoping we get the OG Runner 5 back soon.

I had every intention of getting up early enough to eat breakfast but I hit the snooze one too many times. I did my run early, took a walk to hit up the pharmacy (and play some Pokemon Go), and made that salad for lunch when I was all done with all my errands. I probably should have put mackerel on the salad since I’ve had some around and haven’t eaten it yet. Mostly because I’m not sure how it’ll taste and don’t want to ruin a salad if I hate it. I’m used to tuna and sardines but I’ve never had mackerel before.

Given the first day of C25k (it helps me with timing and intervals), walking to the store instead of driving, and doing a little cleaning around the house; I was able to pass the step goal Google Fit set for me. My muscles are all the right kind of sore and since NYCC is coming within the next 30 days, I am gonna really push and finally get under 200 pounds.

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Today’s Workout: Poor Brunswick…


Well, this mission was kind of a downer. I won’t spoil it but yeah, was sad. Either way, I still managed to run the full 10 minute intervals without taking any extra breaks. I kept reminding myself that during lockdown, I was doing c210k and did 20 minute intervals so 10 shouldn’t be an issue and I shouldn’t give up. I’m not sure if I’ll do the 10k training again because the workouts are really fucking long as the you go through the plan and that was easy to do during lockdown because if I had a webinar or something, I could throw on my headphones and be on the treadmill at the same time. Between single mom things and my side hustle things, I don’t have time for workouts that are an hour or more. Maybe if more of my books are selling and my adsense goes up but for now, that’s not in the cards.


For lunch I did the beef and steamed veggies again. I think after I’m out of the ramen noodles, I won’t buy anymore to cut down on some carbs.


Dinner had to be lighter to balance out lunch. I still have some lamb left but I’ll eat that another day. That’s romaine, scallions, and avocado with tuna. I finally remembered to plant the butts of the veggies to grow my own and try and save some money. Lettuce of various types, onions, and scallions are the most popular in my house and it would be amazing for my budget to have them on hand in the garden containers. I would like to try some cucumbers and tomatoes but, we’ll see what I have time for.

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Today’s Workout: Food Drop


I did lower my speed a bit today since I was feeling sore but it was a good run. I stuck to the intervals and had decent posture. I’m a little annoyed that TLCGo no longer works for me and locked all the content but that’s ok. I started watching Breaking Bad instead.

Over the weekend, I made some pizza (really happy I got that bread machine) and I ate the last of that for lunch. Dinner was me trying to replicate a gyro platter and it turned out pretty good! I wasn’t able to cut the really thin strips but I think I nailed the taste. I didn’t get super home crafty and make the naan and my seeds aren’t any where near the point where I can eat veggies I grew myself but it was tasty and I have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. Maybe I’ll pack a cute lunch again.

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Today’s Workout: I gave in…


Okay soooooo, I was doing really well today. I am aware that I don’t eat enough fruit and I had a bunch of grapes for lunch, I did my workout (that cramp in my calf is really fucking annoying…), I took a nice walk… Then dinner came around and I ordered a burger and fries. I’d been craving it all week and finally caved. And you know what? IT WAS DELICIOUS AND I REGRET NOTHING. I don’t eat like that all the time, I was super active this week, I made smart choices the entire time, and I wanted a damn treat that I didn’t have to cook.

This was my last run of the week and I like the Mon, Wed, Fri type schedule but I usually don’t workout on Friday’s at all. I get weekend brain and just wanna relax. But, if I wanna hit my goals, I need to do something everyday. Since my calves are all crampy, I need to do more stretching and upper body work while that sorts itself out. Over the next week, I am acutely aware of how much blogging, writing, and editing I have to do so, it’s very likely I’ll be switching to the bike for a couple days and continuing to incorporate more walking. I’m doing pretty good at moving around more in my day and don’t want to fall back on that.

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Today’s Workout: It’s been awhile…


I’m almost done with these side missions and I did notice my calves cramping a little during this run. It wasn’t terrible, I powered through it, but it was not fun. I’ve also been trying to go out and walk for a few minutes; even if it’s just to play Pokemon Go for awhile. I get some sun (so I don’t look so pale and dead) and more steps in my day. It’s a win win.


Now, it was a pretty regular day food wise but I made bacon and eggs for the first time in MONTHS. I had a later breakfast (I am really not a fan of eating first thing in the morning. It felt super nostalgic to have this but I won’t be doing it too often. Bacon is a weakness that I can’t have too often. I put some red pepper flakes on the eggs (which were cooked in the bacon fat) and while not the healthiest, it was super satisfying.

I ended up snacking on popcorn for dinner since I just wasn’t that hungry. I was under my calorie goal and I hit over 6000 steps. I count this as a good day.

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Today’s Workout: Back Tracking

I’m all done with season 9 and there isn’t much of season 10 out yet so, I’m going back to finish the side missions from seasons. I can be a completionist when it comes to these things. And it was a good run; I had to adjust my posture from time to time. I have a bad habit of hunching over and that makes my back hurt.

These were my meals for the day; leftovers for lunch and a salad for dinner. I took the picture before I added croutons, full disclosure. I did add them to my food diary. I just used olive oil and red wine vinegar instead of salad dressing and the cheese was not low-fat. I am not concerned the fat content of a pinch of cheese. I’m looking at the big picture here and treating myself with a bit of cheese is not a big deal. Especially since I’m becoming more active overall.

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Today’s Workout: Cravings


Today was a beautiful day yet also gave me a taste of running in the very warm room. Not a fan but I’ll just have to deal with it. Since it was such a nice day, I decided to take the walk to fulfill my very powerful craving for a bagel with egg and sausage.


Could I have made something like this at home? Yes. Was it half the cost of the tuna bagel? Also, yes. And all those steps plus my run got me to the 10k steps for the day.


I was wondering how I was going to use the bacon ends I got from Misfits Market and a BLT salad with lime juice and avocado was exactly what I needed. I also packed a portion for lunch tomorrow and now I have something reasonably healthy to use up all the bacon I have in the house.

Since I did so much walking and running, I decided that was enough for the day and only did some stretching after this. It’s getting warmer and I feel the clock ticking closer to NYCC. If I want my cosplay to look right, I need to push but not to the point where I end up hurting myself and can’t workout at all. Yes, there’s an outfit I want to wear but I also want to be healthier and stronger overall.

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