Food Stuffs!


This picture has been circulating around my Instagram and I had a bunch of people ask me how I made it.

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty plate… It’s my daughter’s… She likes broccoli. :p

Anyway, I had some panko breadcrumbs taking up space in my kitchen and I was thinking of ways to use them up. I happened upon this recipe and changed it up a little. Here’s what I did:

  1. Pre heat oven to 425
  2. Put thin layer of panko on a baking sheet
  3. Brown panko in the oven for 3-5 minutes
  4. While the panko is cooking, put broccoli florets in a bowl with olive oil, chopped garlic, and some dried red pepper (to taste)
  5. Toss baked panko into the bowl too.
  6. Put the whole lot on a baking sheet and cook for 8-10 minutes (or until the broccoli is all cooked)

My kiddo liked it with some Parmesan cheese on it but me? It was good with the tiniest bit of kosher salt. ^_^ I used frozen broccoli (cause that’s what I had on hand) but I can’t see this going wrong with fresh as long as you play with the cooking time.

Also, try flavor infused olive oil. I can see myself eating this all the time and it’s not too bad in the health department.

Also? My kid will eat plain broccoli with nothing but lemon juice on it. I can’t attest to the “my kid won’t eat veggies but they will if it’s like this” factor. You other parents out there will have to try that out for yourselves. ;D

Cooking Light Cravebox


It came in a pretty cool box which I could totally see reusing for something else. However, I did the right thing and threw it out so I don’t add to the clutter I’m trying to clean. XD


I think this is a pretty awesome selection. My daughter LOVES the Dole cups so that’s a purchase I’ll be making in the future. As fate would have it, we have converted to a Keurig household so the Tully’s coffee I may give away unless I can get one of those refillable cups for the machine. The garlic seasoning is FANTASTIC on fish and I’m happy it’s salt free since I have a sad addiction to salt. The syrup I’m sure I can find a use for but I’m not happy with the fake sweetener. I’m not a fan of any fake sugar, I prefer to us Sugar in the Raw or plain white sugar. If I’m gonna sin, I sin; I use real sugar and real butter when the case calls for it. If I wanna cut down on these things, I don’t eat the foods that contain them.

All in all, I find the contents of this box fitting with what Cooking Light stands for. I do subscribe to the magazine so it was cool to see a box themed for it. 🙂 I put the conversion magnet right on the fridge for when I need it as that will really come in handy for all the baking I do during the holidays. I’m glad to have the spare seasonings and snacks.