Kal-Elle Monthly November: “Justice League”


  • Justice League necklace
  • Aquaman earrings
  • Batman ring
  • Wonder Woman Tiara bracelet
  • Superman key holder
  • Justice League lanyard
  • Batman notepad
  • Justice League magnet
  • Old vs New school art prints

I love the art prints. I love the ring, the earrings, the bracelet, and such… It’s all good. Except for that necklace. It’s overpowering, huge, and heavy to wear. I think I would have liked a Flash necklace instead. Or even a necklace with all the symbols for the heroes on it but there are two Batman items (not sorry to have these!) and no Flash item? Kinda odd.

It did renew my excitement to see the movie though!

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Lenni Reviews: “Batman The Dark Knight: Master Race” by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert, Klaus Jansen, and Brad Anderson

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*This comic was given to me in exchange for an honest review and is rated Mature for violence

*This review is cross-posted at Otakus and Geeks

This collection continues Frank Miller’s Dark Knight saga with Batman dead after the defeat of Lex Luthor. Superman is on ice and Wonder Woman has returned to Themyscira. But when a cult of insane Kryptonians lead by Quar attack the Earth and demand humanity worship them as gods, who will rise up and stop them?

This is set in a not far future where our heroes have children. Frank Miller’s signature gritty, dark, and scratchy style is in full glory and perfectly sets the tone for what is a rather dismal look at the future of the heroes we know and love.

The writing and art are expertly done and I love the nostalgic feeling the art gives me I get since I read Dark Knight years ago. There are mini-comics, which are interesting supplements to the main story but aren’t necessary and I found myself skipping them on my first read through so I could get back to the main plot.

There are a few confusing character motivations, I’m not really happy with the Wonder Woman here and if you have to SAY a costume is too colorful for crime fighting, perhaps it should have been designed better in the first place but, I digress…

Compelling, entertaining, but depressing, I give this a 4 out of 5 since it was a downer. A great way to end this series, though. The release date for this book is September 19th, 2017.

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April Loot Crate: Investigate


  • Stranger Things t-shirt
  • Tape Recorder pin
  • X-Files pencils (with sharpener)
  • Jessica Jones Q-Fig
  • Batman Color Changing Mug

Is it bad that I stopped caring at the shirt? Because I stopped caring at the shirt. XD They could have sent JUST THAT, and the crate would have been a win.

As a total geek, I am down for old school pencils. And they are printed with sayings from the show; such as ‘I want to believe’ and ‘The Truth is Out There.’ And MAJOR props for not assuming customers had a pencil sharpener. I do, since in the rare instances I do draw, I use sketch pencils and colored pencils. These are a tiny but appreciated detail since I’m a fan of the show.

The mug changes to have Joker graffiti in the sky and the Batman signal light. Very awesome.

As for the Q-Fig, I like the fact Jessica isn’t just posed. She’s kicking a brick wall down. Much more dynamic to look at.

Oh, and the box turns into a suitcase… I never manage to do anything with the changing boxes. I give them to my kid to do.

Final thoughts? STRANGER THINGS SHIRT!!! 😀

Ok, fangirling over.

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Lenni Reviews: “Goodnight Batcave”by Dave Croatto and Tom Richmond

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*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

*This review is cross-posted to Otakus and Geeks.

In this parody of Goodnight Moon, Batman is lounging in his cave when some bad guys show up. He beats them up, then goes to bed. The whole rogue’s gallery is there and the character design calls back to the Batman: The Animated Series character designs.

This book is clever and funny. The joke works better if you’re familiar with Goodnight moon and I read this to my kid (who loves comics) and she laughed and did want a copy of her own.

For a book put out by MAD Magazine, it’s pretty kid friendly. The art is in their typical style but there’s nothing in it I would feel hesitant to show a kid who is already familiar with comics. There’s a justifiable amount of violence (superheroes don’t tend to cuddle the villains to jail) and I think this will give both kids and adults a few good chuckles. I read this on my Kindle but I think this is worth a hardcover purchase if you love Batman and love MAD. 4.5 out of 5.

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September Loot Crate: Speed


  • Spinning wheel pin
  • Batman Batwing keychain
  • Arrow hood ornament
  • Gone in 60 Seconds car
  • Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider
  • Stark Industries Motor Racing t-shirt

I am loving the design of that shirt. It’s very cool. I find it interesting they chose to go with the Batwing and a Gone in 60 Seconds car instead of the Batmobile. I can see how that would be an obvious choice and going with a different fandom in this case was a good idea.

I’m nervous about actually using the hood ornament because people can be assholes and someone may steal it. Since I’m working on cleaning out my office and getting nice shelves, I can display it with the Cylon ship and the various other figures I’ve gotten from these crates.

This crate fit the theme well and I’m happy with the contents! I think getting these was a great idea.

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Finally Watched It: Batman: The Killing Joke


(Image Source)

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, this feature was touted mainly for its R rating.

And I don’t think that rating was even earned. To me, this is PG-13 level curses here. And the very random sex scene wasn’t even graphic!

First off, I was not impressed with the animation quality. It was fairly standard. With all those other DC animated movies out there, I expected better.

Secondly, this isn’t so much “Batman: The Killing Joke” as it is “Batgirl: Batman: The Killing Joke.” I do NOT understand why the first half an hour or so of this exists because it would have been overall better to cut the whole damn thing.

Thirdly, this is the most sexist portrayal of Batgirl I’ve seen. According to the movie, she’s been at the vigilante scene for three years, right? Three years and she still feels the need to whine to Batman that she needs to prove herself? She still gets triggered by some random trash talk a lowly mobster throws at her? He asks”Where’s your boyfriend?” so she can squawk “He’s not my boyfriend!”, he makes jokes that she’s on her period, they write her so she gets mad when he calls her cute… This isn’t Batgirl. She’s every lazy female and sidekick stereotype poured into a batsuit. I was screaming at the screen and rolling my eyes.

Fourthly? You snagged the “swear to me” line? *sigh

And lastly, the back story of why those freaks in the carnival were working with the Joker would have been a bajillion times more interesting than this Bats in the City nonsense that filled the first half hour. They even gave Barbara a pet gay best friend; which was a trope I thought we had thankfully grown out of.

If you skip all the Batgirl stuff, it wasn’t bad, it was just ok. Mark Hamil and Kevin Conroy are of course as excellent as always and the adaptation of what was actually IN THE GRAPHIC NOVEL was entertaining. But by the time they got to the story in the book, I was so pissed, I found it hard to enjoy the rest.

Next time? Stick to the book, guys.

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Finally Watched It: “Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem”

(Image Source)


I’ve been trying to make sure I watch all or most of these direct to DVD DC movies but I’d avoided this one for a long time. My kid convinced me to borrow a copy and I see my instincts were correct to steer clear of it.

The Joker has a computer virus and it shuts down the city. Batman and company have to go save things and I just never got invested. Everything about this just grated on me. The setting is like a funhouse mirror version of the Batman Beyond universe, the puns are cringe worthy, the jokes are horrible, and even for a kid’s movie, this felt pandering and tiresome. I laughed once and that was when Joker kissed Solomon Grundy (ehrmahgerd, spoilers) and that was more out of ridiculousness than humor. The only other time I laughed was at the end when I asked if my kid liked it and… This is an actual quote: “It made me feel like this >does Running Man< It was action packed.”

That assessment is technically correct. A lot of stuff happens. That’s the best impression I can give you. The voice acting is ok, the animation style my annoy my eyes but it was cleanly done. I just couldn’t get into this one as much as I could Public Enemies or Crisis On Two Earths. Monster Mayhem made me long for the days of Batman: The Animated Series. I wanted to go back and watch Joker Fish so bad…

Anyways, I did it and now I don’t have to do it anymore! Yay! I’m sure there are other DC movies I haven’t seen and I’ll work on digging them up. Another movie will be up next Friday!

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New York Comic Con 2015 Recap

As usual, NYCC was fun yet exhausting. Instead of bitching about how we don’t have professional day anymore and the general clusterfuck to get in is insane (not even professional only hours? gimme a break), I would rather talk about all the cool stuff!

First off, I met and got an autograph from Kevin Conroy, who absolutely did the voice when he introduced himself to the crowd.


The second day, I cosplayed as Hatsune Miku with my niece and my kid and got awesome pictures with other Mikus!


I also got a photo op with “The Stranger” from Until Dawn.


Day three was all about the kiddo, who scored a picture and a signed print from Rob Liefeld; the artist behind her favorite character, Deadpool (obviously).

Despite being tired, sore, and broke (I cannot believe I made it into work today) I am so glad I went. It was even more crowded than last year! I think a bigger venue is in order but I can’t imagine where that would be. But I am already brainstorming ideas for next year’s cosplay! 😀

Weight Loss Challenge

I was poking around the internetz, looking at all the diet crap I have coming into my Inbox and wondering why the hell I don’t unsubscribe from all of it when I came across this woman’s 100 days of going to the gym challenge.

Now, I know there’s no way in hell I’m going to a gym every day (mostly because I shun other people when I workout) so I’ve opted for the more general challenge of trying to get moving 4-6 times a week.

I started yesterday and even weighed in. I did 30 minutes of Zumba and weighed in at 199 lbs. That’s right, I admit my weight. Because I wear it like a mink coat, that’s why. I’m more concerned about my health.

There is also this…

That is such a ME thing and as you can see, it’s quite unforgiving.

I’m not very displeased with my body, seeing as how men don’t seem to have any problem with it. 😉 But a little streamlining couldn’t hurt.

So, let’s get this shit started.

Comic Con Day Two and Three Wrap-up

Ah, as the bruises and soreness of NYCC fade away (no really, it’s insane), I am left with fond memories. ^_^ First of all the epic costumes!!!

Bane and Batman

Lady Scorpion… WOW. 0.0

My little kiddo as Batgirl with Joker.

The demon seed with Merryweather. This woman is my hero. Still going to cons dressed up. You are never too old! 😀

The whole Bat-Family! The hubbz as Michael Keaton Batman, the kiddo as Batgirl, and me as Poison Ivy. Basically I was wearing a booby bucket with some vines on it. XD I made a lot of men (and possibly some women) happy that day.

On Friday, I got to shake hands with Ross Campbell and tell him how much I love his books. I didn’t think I would get the chance to do this so I didn’t have anything for him to sign. But the chance was cool enough. Saturday I had no time to meet ANYONE as every ten seconds we were stopped for pictures or interviews. One of them was from a really nice man who just thought it was awesome for families to go together dressed up. ^_^

That Saturday we didn’t get back till 9pm then I had to work on Sunday, then my road test on Monday so you can see why it took me so freaking long to get these up so you could see them.

One year, I would love to have a table in Artists Alley for all my fan(s) to come and get books or have me sign theirs. 😀 Who’d come to see me? 😉