Finally Watched It: “Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem”

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I’ve been trying to make sure I watch all or most of these direct to DVD DC movies but I’d avoided this one for a long time. My kid convinced me to borrow a copy and I see my instincts were correct to steer clear of it.

The Joker has a computer virus and it shuts down the city. Batman and company have to go save things and I just never got invested. Everything about this just grated on me. The setting is like a funhouse mirror version of the Batman Beyond universe, the puns are cringe worthy, the jokes are horrible, and even for a kid’s movie, this felt pandering and tiresome. I laughed once and that was when Joker kissed Solomon Grundy (ehrmahgerd, spoilers) and that was more out of ridiculousness than humor. The only other time I laughed was at the end when I asked if my kid liked it and… This is an actual quote: “It made me feel like this >does Running Man< It was action packed.”

That assessment is technically correct. A lot of stuff happens. That’s the best impression I can give you. The voice acting is ok, the animation style my annoy my eyes but it was cleanly done. I just couldn’t get into this one as much as I could Public Enemies or Crisis On Two Earths. Monster Mayhem made me long for the days of Batman: The Animated Series. I wanted to go back and watch Joker Fish so bad…

Anyways, I did it and now I don’t have to do it anymore! Yay! I’m sure there are other DC movies I haven’t seen and I’ll work on digging them up. Another movie will be up next Friday!

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