Lenni Reviews: “Hopebreaker: A Steampunk Dystopian Fantasy” by Dean F. Wilson

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I purchased this book for free from Amazon.

Jacob is a smuggler who ends up imprisoned when a job goes bad. Once there, is meets a man called Whistler who is a member of the Resistance. In his world, The Regime controls everything, right down to women’s wombs. Humans can no longer give birth to humans, only demons and they are slowly taking over the population. Guilt prompts Jacob to stay and help fight, taking on a mission to destroy one of the factories where the demons manufacture the drug Hope with the aptly named experimental landship; Hopebreaker.

The mission to destroy the factory is an interesting story and written well, but I could have used a bit more world-building. I didn’t get a real sense of the demons other than they’re bad and trying to overtake the human population. Overall, this is a pretty cool story. I got just invested enough to want to know what will happen at the end. Jacob is a typical bad boy turned rebel and provides an entertaining read in his perspective. A little snarky with his teasing sometimes but once he gets to business, he’s fun and determined. The steampunk elements are technical enough to be believable but don’t bog down the story or interrupt the narrative. The spy and espionage elements hit all the right notes and of course the story ends in a way to lead right to the sequel. And I certainly wouldn’t mind reading it. Solid 3.5.

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