Lenni Reviews: “Chaos Unchained: Outlaw MC Book 1” by James Cox

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I purchased this book for free from All Romance E-Books. Intended for 18+.

Our main character is named Chaos and a member of a motorcycle gang rebelling against the oppressive regime currently in power. He lives in a world where Earth is now a prison planet, which is where Chaos is headed to serve 6 months for drinking, which is illegal. While he manages to survive by being a fighter and competing for extra rations, he meets a man named Beau, who is currently serving time for preventing another man from being beaten. The two pair up but Beau is getting out sooner than Chaos. Will Chaos be able to keep his rages under control with Beau gone and will Beau keep his promise to be waiting when Chaos gets out?

This is an interesting start to a series with good world-building but you don’t get to spend much time in it. The story focuses on Chaos and Beau’s fast forming romance and hot sex. This book doesn’t flinch from bad language, smut, and violence but Beau is such a lovable little cutie, I found myself smiling more often than not. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for taking a chance but ending up more on the crude side than visceral (which I think what the book was trying to go for?). Maybe a little more detail would have provided that extra bit of poetry to give it more impact.

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