Lenni Reviews: “DC Comics Bombshells” Volume 1

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This graphic novel puts DC’s heroines in a WWII setting. It is really creative to see how the creators fit the modern heroes in this setting; Batgirl as a League of Their Own like ball player, Kara as a member of the Soviet pilots The Night Witches, Zatanna working as a stage magician in a club owned by Joker’s Daughter; all really cool roles executed in believable ways. I don’t wanna give too much away plot wise so I don’t ruin the discoveries you’ll fine while reading.

The art is beautiful and all in all, it’s just a damn cool story! It was fun to see my favorite heroes and villains in different roles and in a wartime setting where super powers can make the stakes even higher. Espionage, air fights, seedy bars; just fantastic. I give it a solid 4.9 because seeing Joker’s Daughter made me roll my eyes for a second there (very Rule 63) but the presence of Constantine made it all worth it.

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