Lenni Reviews: “DC Comics: Bombshells” vol 2 by Marguerite Bennett (et. al.)

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Within the framework of WWII, these alternative universe heroes do their best to beat back the Axis powers and their other worldly servants the best they can. They do so at great peril and cost with epic battles in the air, land, and sea.

This volume¬†feels like they’re trying to cram a few too many elements in here. As fun as it is (and it IS fun) this feels unfocused. I had to read it twice to really get a feel for it and while I enjoyed it, everything should come across in one read through.

I am enjoying the new takes on the characters with different roles, back stories, ethnicities, sexualities; all unflinchingly original and beautifully drawn. I give this volume a 3 out of 5.

Also, I can see the Hawkeye Initiative having a field day with panels from these books…

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Lenni Reviews: “DC Comics Bombshells” Volume 1

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This graphic novel puts DC’s heroines in a WWII setting. It is really creative to see how the creators fit the modern heroes in this setting; Batgirl as a League of Their Own like ball player, Kara as a member of the Soviet pilots The Night Witches, Zatanna working as a stage magician in a club owned by Joker’s Daughter; all really cool roles executed in believable ways. I don’t wanna give too much away plot wise so I don’t ruin the discoveries you’ll fine while reading.

The art is beautiful and all in all, it’s just a damn cool story! It was fun to see my favorite heroes and villains in different roles and in a wartime setting where super powers can make the stakes even higher. Espionage, air fights, seedy bars; just fantastic. I give it a solid 4.9 because seeing Joker’s Daughter made me roll my eyes for a second there (very Rule 63) but the presence of Constantine made it all worth it.

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