How’s that e-reader?

Whelp, it finally happened:


So, if anyone was ever wondering if you can fill a Kindle? You most certainly can.

I have been asked many times how come I don’t keep more stuff in the cloud and that’s because the way I keep straight what I have read and what I haven’t (as some of these books do not exist in Goodreads) is what files are physically on the device. Once I’m done with a book, I delete it.

I am still faced with the “problem” of getting books faster than I can read them simply because of so many free options I have and how many gift cards I’ve gotten from Swagbucks (that’s my referral link if you want in on some free gift cards). I keep adding books to my wish list and getting them whenever I have the funds.

Since I’ve been doing so great with my physical clutter, I do need to make more of an effort with my digital clutter. I have a full Kindle AND a full Nook totaling nearly 7,000 books. It is a common belief among my friends that it is impossible to finish these before I die.

Considering how many books I keep adding, they may very likely be right. XD

But I am really going to make a real effort to clean these up. It’s gotten passed the point of rationality now.

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Operation Free Booga Update!

After organizing more of my ebooks, I found so many that either repeat their message or I don’t need to store on my kindle. I moved them to my Kindle Fire and deleted them but I also bought a few things…

Now I have 720 MB left on Booga. It’s functioning ok but I’ve turned my focus to the 16 ebooks I need to review for the blog. You can see my progress over on Goodreads and I hope to have these reviews up really soon.

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Free Kindle? Damn right.

You may have noticed in my Twitter feed popping up with notices of me winning a certain amount of swagbucks via searching. Most probably dismissed it as spam or some sort of phishing scam due to someone hacking my Twitter account. But this is not the case.

Check it:

Yes, that my friends is a Kindle paid for via an Amazon gift card I earned with Swagbucks. That means free. For 6 months, I painstakingly earned and saved swagbucks all on my own because every single person I tried to refer didn’t believe I would actually get anything. But I was patient, took surveys, watched the videos and after all this time I have a free Kindle. Why go through all that trouble? I have major beef with the fact you can’t read other formats on a Kindle AND that they would DARE place ads on a device you’re shelling out 100 bucks for. Unfortunately, there are authors I want to read in e-book format and they are Kindle exclusive. Otherwise, I would have just bought them for my Nook.

Want in on this? Here is my referral link. Don’t wanna be referred by me? Here’s the direct link to the site. Even as I speak, I’m earning my way to another gift card for more free swag. Because there is nothing better than coming home to a pile of books that are not only free but you get to keep them. 🙂

Why I Don’t Have an E-reader… Yet.

Penguin fights Amazon by cutting off libraries’ access to the books they’ve paid for (Updated)

See, the way I figure it, if I can’t get to the physical book in my library, another library somewhere will loan it to me. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should bother with owning an e-reader but stories like this keep me firmly on the side of paper.