How’s that e-reader?

Whelp, it finally happened:


So, if anyone was ever wondering if you can fill a Kindle? You most certainly can.

I have been asked many times how come I don’t keep more stuff in the cloud and that’s because the way I keep straight what I have read and what I haven’t (as some of these books do not exist in Goodreads) is what files are physically on the device. Once I’m done with a book, I delete it.

I am still faced with the “problem” of getting books faster than I can read them simply because of so many free options I have and how many gift cards I’ve gotten from Swagbucks (that’s my referral link if you want in on some free gift cards). I keep adding books to my wish list and getting them whenever I have the funds.

Since I’ve been doing so great with my physical clutter, I do need to make more of an effort with my digital clutter. I have a full Kindle AND a full Nook totaling nearly 7,000 books. It is a common belief among my friends that it is impossible to finish these before I die.

Considering how many books I keep adding, they may very likely be right. XD

But I am really going to make a real effort to clean these up. It’s gotten passed the point of rationality now.

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