How’s that e-reader?

Whelp, it finally happened:


So, if anyone was ever wondering if you can fill a Kindle? You most certainly can.

I have been asked many times how come I don’t keep more stuff in the cloud and that’s because the way I keep straight what I have read and what I haven’t (as some of these books do not exist in Goodreads) is what files are physically on the device. Once I’m done with a book, I delete it.

I am still faced with the “problem” of getting books faster than I can read them simply because of so many free options I have and how many gift cards I’ve gotten from Swagbucks (that’s my referral link if you want in on some free gift cards). I keep adding books to my wish list and getting them whenever I have the funds.

Since I’ve been doing so great with my physical clutter, I do need to make more of an effort with my digital clutter. I have a full Kindle AND a full Nook totaling nearly 7,000 books. It is a common belief among my friends that it is impossible to finish these before I die.

Considering how many books I keep adding, they may very likely be right. XD

But I am really going to make a real effort to clean these up. It’s gotten passed the point of rationality now.

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Operation Free Booga Update!

After organizing more of my ebooks, I found so many that either repeat their message or I don’t need to store on my kindle. I moved them to my Kindle Fire and deleted them but I also bought a few things…

Now I have 720 MB left on Booga. It’s functioning ok but I’ve turned my focus to the 16 ebooks I need to review for the blog. You can see my progress over on Goodreads and I hope to have these reviews up really soon.

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Operation Free Booga Update!

If you follow me over on Goodreads, you may have noticed a flurry of books moving over to my ‘read’ shelf. That’s because I went through my various collections and read then deleted a bunch of books. When I started to notice I’d gotten a bunch of books that all essentially say the same thing (or some ‘Writing 101 books?!’ I don’t think I need those…) so I just tossed them entirely. The result?


And that’s AFTER I put the WiFi back on and the 50 books pending downloaded!

Obviously I have a ways to go but now I’m focusing on the books on my list to review. That’s about 10 ebooks and you-don’t-wanna-know-how-many physical books. But I’m feeling pretty gosh darned accomplished! If this keeps up, I’ll have a nice clean kindle in a few months!

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Operation Free Booga July Update

When I posted about this before I only had 676 MB left. And with some diligent reading (and the wifi still off) I am now up to 681 MB free!

… And 47 downloads pending when I finally turn it back on.

But hey! It’s a start, right?

Some of these are more prepub books for me to review so they’re a little longer than those little free smutty books I’ve been reviewing. I also got some really interesting spiritual books from my free newsletters but it’s those prepubs that are taking up a lot of the space.

That wasn’t enough space to have the kindle organize books again; it still ignores me when I try to put a book into a collection. I’m gonna have to get through a LOT more books before I can download the books still in the cloud.

Thereby completely negating that progress…

I have a serious book addiction.

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Reading Test – One Librarian’s Tech Comparison

With the holiday season barreling down upon us (QUICK EVERYONE! BUY STUFF!) and my library launching a tablet lending program, I have had the unique opportunity to read at length on several devices over just the last week.

My overall impression is that reading on a tablet is a pain in the wrist. The kind my library is circulating is the Nexus 7; which is comparable in weight to my Kindle Fire. The book I was reading on the Nexus was Dr. Sleep. That is a LOT of pages to hold that heavy tablet… If I had a choice, I would have much rather have had it on my regular Kindle or better yet my Nook, which is lighter than the lot of them.

Not only that, my eyes did NOT enjoy the backlit screen. I don’t read novels on the Kindle Fire. I use that for non-fiction books that require pictures (like cookbooks) and my daughter’s books (because kid’s books are no fun on an e-ink screen with no color). And some of those kids books are interactive. In other words, books I won’t spend an hour or more staring at. Not to mention that it’s no fun having Facebook notifications and emails popping up while you read (I could disconnect them but… Who disconnects at all these days?).

I used to have a problem with dedicated devices (i.e.: Tech that does only ONE thing like an eReader) but now I see the point much clearer than I did before. I mean, it’s cool and all to be able to Facebook, Tweet, email, play Candy Crush, AND read on the same device. Books with links embedded in them are much better on a tablet than a regular eReader but for me the point of reading is to be lost in the book. And it’s hard to do that if my wrist aches, my eyes burn, and people keep sending me effing Candy Crush requests.

To sum up, I prefer my Nook Simple Touch out of these 4 devices. I look for Nook versions of books whenever I can (and let me tell you, people: COMPARISON SHOP. There are tons of books on Amazon AND Barnes and Noble and sometimes one will be cheaper than the other). But it is very awesome that you can check out tablets from your local library. Ours come preloaded with some best sellers and I’m sure most libraries are doing the same with their tablets and eReaders. In my opinion, I would borrow the Nook. It’s kinder to your hands and your eyes.

Free Kindle? Damn right.

You may have noticed in my Twitter feed popping up with notices of me winning a certain amount of swagbucks via searching. Most probably dismissed it as spam or some sort of phishing scam due to someone hacking my Twitter account. But this is not the case.

Check it:

Yes, that my friends is a Kindle paid for via an Amazon gift card I earned with Swagbucks. That means free. For 6 months, I painstakingly earned and saved swagbucks all on my own because every single person I tried to refer didn’t believe I would actually get anything. But I was patient, took surveys, watched the videos and after all this time I have a free Kindle. Why go through all that trouble? I have major beef with the fact you can’t read other formats on a Kindle AND that they would DARE place ads on a device you’re shelling out 100 bucks for. Unfortunately, there are authors I want to read in e-book format and they are Kindle exclusive. Otherwise, I would have just bought them for my Nook.

Want in on this? Here is my referral link. Don’t wanna be referred by me? Here’s the direct link to the site. Even as I speak, I’m earning my way to another gift card for more free swag. Because there is nothing better than coming home to a pile of books that are not only free but you get to keep them. 🙂

Bye bye, Borders. :( And my librarian-ish fears.

It’s sadly official. Borders is closing. No, I am really upset about this. I ADORE going to Borders and found the entire shopping experience much better than Barnes and Nobel, and Borders was the only place I knew of where I could purchase Paperchase products on clearance or with a coupon. It was also my go to store for comics and manga.

Briefly, I considered finally making the switch to an e-reader. On the rare occasion I actually purchase a book, it’s a paperback. These are becoming few and far between, seeing as how I work in a library which gives me inside info on when my favorite books are coming out and I can read them for free. I don’t even mind waiting. It gives me time to read other books. :p

But comics are not available on your average mainstream e-reader without jumping through a thousand hoops to get the jpeg files to display. And if you’ve ever seen my Shelfari list, I read A LOT of comics.

What concerns me most about Borders closing is, as a graphic novel fan and a librarian, I see kids sitting in stores AND in the library reading their favorite series because they simply can’t afford to buy them. In my years as a fan, I’ve seen volumes go from $5.99-$7.99 to $9.99-$24.99 for your average collected book. Kids (and parents) just can’t afford to keep up when some series can go as high as 30 volumes. That’s $750 or more per series. And don’t even get me started on having space for all these things!!

This calls to mind the last time I went to my local Borders where a man working there scolded the kids for standing around and reading the books. The kids complained the libraries don’t have “cool books like these.” The hell you say! I told them flat out “Not only do we have cool books but the one you have in your hand I just ordered for the library!”

They didn’t believe me.

I feel for these kids because they can’t afford to buy them, can’t stand in a Borders and read (cause Borders is gone), and don’t KNOW these books are in a library! This is really sad and troubling to me.

As to why I was considering an e-reader, I will need space in my house for all the comics I will now HAVE to purchase from Amazon (some comics I get are not appropriate for a library… Not all of them are yaoi so shaddap… XD) so if I want novels, I’d like to save the space and use an e-reader. I mean, if I’m going to spend the money, I might as well save the space, right?

Eh, screw it. I’ll just use the desktop applications for now. I’ll need to save that money for comics. XD

But alas, Borders will still be gone. Some of my best memories are of going to the bookstore with my Ma and I looked forward to sharing that with my daughter. It’s amazing what she will come to know as normal concerning her reading as opposed to what I knew at her age. Is this really farewell to brick and mortar bookstores? This librarian hopes not. 🙁