How’s that e-reader?

Whelp, it finally happened:


So, if anyone was ever wondering if you can fill a Kindle? You most certainly can.

I have been asked many times how come I don’t keep more stuff in the cloud and that’s because the way I keep straight what I have read and what I haven’t (as some of these books do not exist in Goodreads) is what files are physically on the device. Once I’m done with a book, I delete it.

I am still faced with the “problem” of getting books faster than I can read them simply because of so many free options I have and how many gift cards I’ve gotten from Swagbucks (that’s my referral link if you want in on some free gift cards). I keep adding books to my wish list and getting them whenever I have the funds.

Since I’ve been doing so great with my physical clutter, I do need to make more of an effort with my digital clutter. I have a full Kindle AND a full Nook totaling nearly 7,000 books. It is a common belief among my friends that it is impossible to finish these before I die.

Considering how many books I keep adding, they may very likely be right. XD

But I am really going to make a real effort to clean these up. It’s gotten passed the point of rationality now.

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Operation Free Booga Update!

Hey! Remember when I said I was going to keep from buying or downloading so many books because I was down to 600 MB of space left on my Kindle?

Heh… Good times…

I’m down to about 300 with 20 pending downloads waiting for me to turn the wifi back on. I have a backlog of 40 books to review.

Well… I guess I should make more effort into trying to read on the treadmill but since I’m jogging, I can’t really focus properly. And I’ve already read books about speed reading. I still end up reading at my regular pace; which to be fair is pretty fast.

I just need to stop signing up for all these cool author newsletters… Cause then they send me free books…

It’s a terrible cycle…

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Operation Free Booga Update: Oops

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Yeah, I have a book problem…

Between some awesome free book offerings and some very interesting titles coming down the pipe, Booga is back to being too full.

But on the plus side, that means there are some kickass reviews on the way! I will have to read these pretty fast but expect them within the month, for sure.

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Oh dear… My Nook has a problem, too.


Geez, I have a serious book problem…

So ‘Operation Free Booga’ is also extended to freeing my nook; the poor dear. I did email B&N support to ask them if I could add my books to my SD card to free up some space but I’ve yet to hear back from them.

Even so, I shouldn’t be buying any more books. Has that stopped me? Of course not. These free deals don’t last forever and heck, even the books I purchase that aren’t free sometimes disappear if I add them to my wish list to get later.

I have been reading fast and I have a bunch of reviews to post so stay tuned!

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Have Pity for My Kindle

With all the reviews I’ve been doing lately, you may wonder how I’ve come across all these books or where the hell I keep them. Some I do own hard copies of but most of them are eBooks I purchased while they were free or deeply discounted, or borrowed the eBook or hard copy from a library.

And I filled my Kindle. I didn’t think this was a thing that could happen but when you put a subject into a search and put them in order from lowest price to highest then buy every book you are remotely interested in that’s free; yes, you can fill it.

It’s gotten to the point where there’s so little space left, it cannot process certain commands. So, I’ve been making an effort to read more than I buy. I have thus-far failed and settled for turning the WiFi off so the books I buy don’t immediately go onto the device – which I have named Booga.

I realize things have gotten completely out of hand and I am on a serious mission to clear these books off. I currently only have 676 MB free and I need to double that free space before I can get anything else.

Operation Free Booga has commenced!

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Blessed Beltane and Yes! I LIIIIVVVVEE!

Holy crap, I have been so busy I really did just hunker down and work. In addition to regular library work, I’ve been pretty darn popular over at Otakus and Geeks. I have so many books to review, I can barely keep up! On top of those, I actually filled my kindle! I didn’t know you could a do that but yes, I have found to many free books that interest me, there’s so little space left, the kindle glitches out and can barely run sometimes.

This… Has done little to keep me from buying more though. XD

I’ve been making it a point to clear off the shorter stories and novellas to make room. It’s not easy with all the books to review but hey, it’s not like I don’t enjoy reading!

I have also posted another VERY short story on Amazon. In fact, it’s so short, I posted it for free at first, but Amazon won’t let me price it any lower than $0.99. It’s a quick little lesbian erotica I wrote that did not get accepted to an anthology. I figure I have it, its there, why waste it? But keep in mind, it’s smutty and very short. A cute little slice of life thing for grownups only. I am impressed with how much it’s sold but hey, when the words “erotica,” “lesbian,” and “free” are all in the same product description, people click pretty fast. Ah, the almighty power of porn. And I am not above taking advantage of that to pay the bills, people.

The story I’m working on now is a short fantasy story with slightly less smut and a heterosexual couple. This one I fiddled with too long and missed the deadline for the anthology I was writing it for. :p It’s a sweet story but longer so when I post it, it will be slightly more expensive. But I look forward to finishing it and expanding my finished works. Once all my short stories are finished, I will get back to the First Brood series. I promise. It is just really bothering me to have so many unfinished projects just sitting there when they could be finished so quickly.

I will try and update the blog more often. LootCrate and Birchbox updates will resume this month, I’ve been tapped for a possible geek girl themed podcast, I’ll be going to Book Expo, and I’m already applying for my professional pass to NYCC. And yes, I have still been keeping up with my workouts for the cosplay plans I have. They are epic. 😀 I am slowly building up a new shop for my needlework (hopefully will open this summer).

Things are really coming together! I can hardly believe the good fortune I’ve had so far but hey, I’ve worked my ass off for this shit! Look forward to seeing more! 😀



Books I Bought This Week

It’s been slim pickings with the free books I’m actually interested in these days. Which is a GOOD thing because I have thousands of them on deck to read already.