My Newest Running Aid: Posture Brace

When I got some Amazon gift cards for X-Mas, I didn’t buy more books (you can stop being shocked now) I picked me up one of these babies:

Dem abs tho…

I also picked up some knee braces. They are amazing but not as amazing as this belt.

Thanks to some generous genetics, I have a large bust and deal with the lovely gift of lower back pain. In addition, I did notice I am always self-correcting my posture while I’m running in order to maintain proper form. I thought a belt may make a difference and despite the gymnastics to get the damn thing on and secure, I felt the difference in the first run I used it. I had the same sort of muscle ache in my lower back, my upper back muscles were screaming with the distinctive “you have never used these muscles before” kind of pain.

While I have solved the slouching problem, the jury is still out on if this little doodad affects how engaged my abs are during runs. So far with the intermittent use (I just forget to put it on sometimes and my lower back immediately makes me regret it), this was a great purchase and I’m glad I got it.

I will toss this little statement out, though: running is not a cheap hobby to pick up. You always need more than you think and while a posture belt isn’t necessarily essential, it is helpful enough to be worth the expense. At least this was cheaper than the new running sneakers I need…

I haven’t bought sneakers since I first started running in September 2016. I can hear you all readyย to scold me but give me some credit, I did NOT think I would be sticking with this running thing for so long.

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