September Birchbox


This box was kinda random to me but the collection is all things I will actually use. I am all into the anti-aging and skin protection right now but lip stuff is not usually in the equation. And I had to look up what the heck a strobing pencil was. When I first looked at it, I thought it was eye liner or lip liner to go with the lip gloss.

That’s why I continue to get these boxes. I usually have no clue such things even exist much less what to use them for. I am honestly afraid to put that on my face because I am CONVINCED I will use it wrong.

I did finally use the Matrix shampoo from the January box, and I did like how it made my hair feel after repeated colorings and liberal use of the flat iron. I didn’t feel any build up and the conditioner was potent enough to get though my thick hair. But would I shell out $25 for it? Nope, not when I can get V05 for $0.33 when it’s on a good sale.

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July Birchbox



I think Birchbox knows me too well, sending me things for my hair and nails, which are things I know how to use off the bat. With the weather being what it is and me spending time outdoors and in the water so much, my hair has needed some extra love. The hair mask was timely. ^_^
I do miss getting little chocolates and such. Maybe next month. (hint hint)