September Birchbox


This box was kinda random to me but the collection is all things I will actually use. I am all into the anti-aging and skin protection right now but lip stuff is not usually in the equation. And I had to look up what the heck a strobing pencil was. When I first looked at it, I thought it was eye liner or lip liner to go with the lip gloss.

That’s why I continue to get these boxes. I usually have no clue such things even exist much less what to use them for. I am honestly afraid to put that on my face because I am CONVINCED I will use it wrong.

I did finally use the Matrix shampoo from the January box, and I did like how it made my hair feel after repeated colorings and liberal use of the flat iron. I didn’t feel any build up and the conditioner was potent enough to get though my thick hair. But would I shell out $25 for it? Nope, not when I can get V05 for $0.33 when it’s on a good sale.

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