2017 Tunnel to Towers 5K Run & Walk New York City

There’s a perfect before and after if I’ve ever seen one… XD

This run is to benefit the Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation; an organization that does great work so donate away!

This was also my first run at a live race. All my other races have been virtual ones.

Here’s my number!

I made a decent start but did have to fall back on a run/walk combination. There were even portions of the race where we all bottlenecked and there was no way to safely run while weaving in and out of the walkers.

In the end, I finished in about 55 minutes! 😀 And because I am a huge nerd running with other nerds, we crossed the finish line doing the Naruto run. ;D

The whole experience was amazing. There were so many cheering people and first responders shouting encouragement and giving us high fives (one of them LOVED my ‘Zombie Apocalypse Running Team’ shirt!), and everything was positive and fun! I would totally do this again next year!

But with more sunscreen.

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