Today’s Workout: Week One, Day Three.


I like these historical missions even though I can’t wait for the new main story episodes to come out.

Part of having time to run in the evening means having dinner a little later. I come home and go right to the treadmill. Since I’m still on the Saxenda, I’m not very hungry in the evenings anyway.

I did notice my joints are not happy with the cold. It’s about 30F and my office is always cold so, I’m sure that’s why. While I was running I felt fine. In fact, I got distracted and missed a walk prompt and kept running. To be fair, even after not running for so long, the running intervals in the beginning of the C25K feel very short to me after running for so many years. Not to mention I’m 19 pounds lighter. It can only get easier from here!

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30 Day Challenge Day 11


Today’s run was a failed attempt to do the next c210k run as well as the Spring 2020 race in the same run. The c210k runs are longer than the distance it took for me to complete the race and I didn’t wanna mess up my leader board time so I just ended it. I’ll have to make up the day another time.

But as for this run, I felt pretty good about it. I wonder what my time would have been if I didn’t take the breaks in the c210k app but I’m not disappointed. I’m shocked that after a 5k, I felt like the run was short. That’s a long way from me being afraid to start the later weeks of the program because the runs were so long. I just may be able to run a 10k after all!

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Zombies, Run! Halloween Virtual Race 2018: Tomorrow Island.

Despite how flaky I’ve been about my blog I’ve been lately, I have been keeping up fairly well with my running. I even started the Couch to 10k program so I can go longer distances.

I did this run on the treadmill and good thing too because there were points around the 2-mile mark where I felt like I was gonna pass out. I chalk it up to just having a whole wheat waffle with some peanut butter on it for breakfast. I usually have eggs or something.

I’ll get back to posting regularly about the 10k training since I didn’t wanna post about it then end up giving up. I start week 8 next week so I’ve obviously committed to it.

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2017 Tunnel to Towers 5K Run & Walk New York City

There’s a perfect before and after if I’ve ever seen one… XD

This run is to benefit the Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation; an organization that does great work so donate away!

This was also my first run at a live race. All my other races have been virtual ones.

Here’s my number!

I made a decent start but did have to fall back on a run/walk combination. There were even portions of the race where we all bottlenecked and there was no way to safely run while weaving in and out of the walkers.

In the end, I finished in about 55 minutes! 😀 And because I am a huge nerd running with other nerds, we crossed the finish line doing the Naruto run. ;D

The whole experience was amazing. There were so many cheering people and first responders shouting encouragement and giving us high fives (one of them LOVED my ‘Zombie Apocalypse Running Team’ shirt!), and everything was positive and fun! I would totally do this again next year!

But with more sunscreen.

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Third 5k!

Yesterday, I ran the Super Mom 5k from the Virtual Pace Series (a site I have been haunting, obviously). I decided to run it Friday instead of on Mother’s Day because it’s supposed to be raining all weekend here. It was a beautiful day out! Way too nice not to take advantage of it for a good run.

I used the Zombies, Run! app to track my distance and pace and I think this was my fastest time completing 5k since I started running last September! My pace is absolutely faster outside than on a treadmill and while the treadmill gives me the luxury of catching up on my TV shows while I run, I do plan to make it a point to run outside more often.

After I got home, my knees HURT. This run was rough and it is my own fault for making it so because I was trying to beat my old times. As a result, my knees ache and my entire body feels wrecked. How to people run these ultra marathons!?

Well, they’re experienced runners, Lenni. Duh…

I don’t see myself doing ultra marathons in the future. Right now, my only goal is to get my 5k time under 30 minutes. My progress has been pretty damn good so far; especially since I’m coming from “I hate running and without the threat of death, I won’t do it” I think what I’ve done so far is impressive.

It’s a strange journey I’ve undertaken but I’m glad I didn’t stick with the mentality of “I’ll do it when I lose weight” or “I’m too fat to do this.” Doing this has reminded me what my body can do and it feels awesome!

Since this would be not only my third 5k but my second one this month, I’m taking a break! From racing, at least. I will continue training but my next race won’t be until July; the End Human Trafficking 10k Challenge. It’s 1k a day for ten days so, no; I haven’t gone crazy and suddenly launched into 10k races. After that is the Totally 80’s Virtual Race, which isn’t till September 23rd.

These are so much fun. I will try not to go overboard… XD

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Running Update! May the 4th Be With You.


It’s Star Wars Day! 😀 So, to celebrate I am not only wearing my Darth Vader dress, I ran the May the 4th Be With You 5k/10k virtual race!

I ran the 5k (in a walk/run combo) on the treadmill and used my fitness tracker to submit my results. While I am getting faster, it still takes me about 54 minutes to hit the 5k mark. I’ve shaved about a minute off my time in the last month or so.

Now, my next race is the Super Mom 5k/10k on May 14 so I will be taking the next couple days off before I go back to running at least one mile a day. I don’t have any other goal in mind but to get these 5k races finished in under 45-50 minutes. Then maybe I’ll start registering for races where other people are around.

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Post Run Blues…

I’m off this week for Spring Break and since the Zombies Run Virtual 5k on Saturday, I’ve been pumped to train for the next one!

Except I can’t.

It’s strange that I’ve not only embraced running as a part of my life but miss the hell out of it. I may be overweight but I really enjoy being active. I took my training very seriously and now I find myself in the place where the blood blister I managed to get is healing, but still uncomfortably squishy… Just doing chores around the house isn’t fun. I tried to take a regular walk on the treadmill and it was uncomfortable.

It’s taking all my will not to just pop the thing and go running again. I love being active! I love the movement, the speed, challenging myself… Being laid up for something so tiny is the absolute WORST. There are people with REAL injuries who can’t train like they want and I’m held back by a fucking squishy bubble? It’s not right…

I may not be running but, I have kept up with my ab challenges, doing weights, and moving around as much as I comfortably can. Of all the things to lay me up, I thought it’d be my shitty knees.

Alright, I’ll stop grumbling now. It’s annoying but not the WORST. I just hope I don’t end up having to play catch up with I run the next 5k I signed up for

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Well, cross that off my bucket list!


I actually did it!! This past Saturday, I completed the Zombies Run Virtual 5k! It felt AMAZING to finish that race but, I have to say, the one thing I didn’t prepare for was a terrible blister. On race day, I wore different socks than usual and in the end, my time was slower than in all my practice runs.


I am, however, very happy to say I completed the race and I didn’t get heckled once during the whole thing.

Where do I go from here? Well, I keep training! I signed up for two more virtual races in May and I am actually really excited for these. Maybe once I get 5k to be easier for me, I’ll aim for the 10k races. But for that, I will have to be able to run faster. With all the stuff I have to do in a day, taking two hours out to run daily is just not feasible. I follow runners on Instagram who run twice as fast as I do. I try to take that as motivation and not feel inferior to them (they have been training longer and are half my size). Since I’m on a mission to also finish all my unfinished writing projects that I started, speed is going to be my next goal.

I hope someone reads this and gets motivated, too!

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Running Update!


Yesterday I got my Zombies Run! Virtual Race packet in the mail and somehow it made all the training and running very REAL. There is such a difference between saying “Yeah, I’m gonna run a 5k” and having the pennant and medal right there.

I do have confidence in myself to run this race considering I’ve been very serious about my training; running at least 4 times a week and no less than 2 miles. I’ve been able to get to the three mile mark in less than an hour which means my pace is getting SO much better.

And can we talk about how the muscles in my legs are changing!? I remember reaching down for something, looking at my calves and thinking “Well, shit! Those muscle cuts weren’t there before!” Same goes for my front thigh muscles. I am aware of muscles I obviously wasn’t using before with other workout methods (not counting when I was doing P90X). I can’t say I’ve lost any more weight but every time I hit that 3 mile mark and get that runner’s high? I am filled with such pride. I am not a skinny person, I always HATED running, and I had the belief firmly in my mind that in order to be a runner, I had to lose 30 pounds first. I dunno what switch flipped but I’m glad it did.

The best part is I am not alone! There are so many plus size people out there not only running but doing these epic fucking mega marathons! (My knees ache just thinking about those) Thanks to these awesome blogs that I am now reading, I am even more inspired than ever:

And the group of people on Instagram who are following me; some of whom are NOT plus size and are not judging me at all (at least as far as I can tell). Doing this has made me appreciate the body the Goddess has given me and realize how fucking awesome I am. I’ve gone from loathing this to LOVING this.

At some point, I do plan to get into running meditations and I have registered for two other virtual races: May the 4th be with you and Supermom. There is not a single inch of me that is ashamed to say I signed up because the medals are awesome. I mean, if you’re gonna have a glow in the dark Yoda medal, you should EARN it.

The race is less than 30 days away now and I won’t lie; I am SUPER nervous. I feel addicted to running but actually completing a race (even a virtual one) is a real test of my abilities. I think being tested is what makes me nervous. Also, running outside where other people are… In my two experiences actually encountering other people who decided to make a comment; one teenager said something mean (I didn’t hear, my kid did) and some Jehovah’s Witnesses giving me encouragement. I am scared of someone saying something nasty to me during a race because I know I will absolutely lose it and screw up my time because I had to stop to curse them out. That’s just who I am because the girl who would go home and cry when someone decided to take time out of their day to oink at me (yes, that is a thing that happened to me) is LONG gone. Now, I’m a warrior.

A warrior with sore knees but a warrior nonetheless.

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Running Progress!

I’m on vacation this week with the kiddo so what do I decide to do? Run.


Yesterday was my first attempt at running the route I plan to use for the 5k race in April. I wanted to see if it really was the proper distance and yup, it really is.

My plan was to walk out the first mile and a half then walk/run back. The first part of that worked out great! The latter half was more like walk/run/limp/curse/run/walk… But I did it. I cannot ignore the fact that I DID IT.

I had planned to run again today but my knees hurt SO BAD, I did more of a power walk/light trot:


And to be honest, with the way my legs are I probably should have just stayed off my feet for the day. This time I ran with braces on both knees and one on my right ankle. It was easier but I had to stop for every five seconds to pull the braces back into place. What a giant pain in the ass.

To put a little history on this, I started running using the C25K app in September of last year. Back then, a 30 minute light run would leave me feeling like I’m gonna die. I was 220 pounds (and I’m 5’7″). Now I’m 210 and it takes me 2 miles to make me feel like I’m going to die. I’ve been steadily getting faster and stronger.

To be clear, I am not doing this to lose weight. Completing a 5k has been something on my bucket list for over a decade but I could never get it done. During my marriage, my self-esteem was in the shitter and I was continuously sabotaged whenever I tried to improve myself. Now that that toxic person is out of my life, I made a promise to myself to be everything he tried to keep me from becoming. Skinny is not one of those things. I want to be strong and healthy.

The first run I did with the kid (who is signed up for the race with me) and both of us barely made it. Today, I did the run alone and yes, my knees are killing me.

But it does feel great that every day, I put miles on these knees and I can tell I’m getting stronger.

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