Post Run Blues…

I’m off this week for Spring Break and since the Zombies Run Virtual 5k on Saturday, I’ve been pumped to train for the next one!

Except I can’t.

It’s strange that I’ve not only embraced running as a part of my life but miss the hell out of it. I may be overweight but I really enjoy being active. I took my training very seriously and now I find myself in the place where the blood blister I managed to get is healing, but still uncomfortably squishy… Just doing chores around the house isn’t fun. I tried to take a regular walk on the treadmill and it was uncomfortable.

It’s taking all my will not to just pop the thing and go running again. I love being active! I love the movement, the speed, challenging myself… Being laid up for something so tiny is the absolute WORST. There are people with REAL injuries who can’t train like they want and I’m held back by a fucking squishy bubble? It’s not right…

I may not be running but, I have kept up with my ab challenges, doing weights, and moving around as much as I comfortably can. Of all the things to lay me up, I thought it’d be my shitty knees.

Alright, I’ll stop grumbling now. It’s annoying but not the WORST. I just hope I don’t end up having to play catch up with I run the next 5k I signed up for

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