Lenni Reviews: “Yona of the Dawn” vol 4 by Mizuho Kusanagi

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Now joined by the White Dragon, Gija, Yona and her friends go in search of the next Legendary Dragon Warrior; The Blue Dragon.

The story of the Blue Dragon and how he’s so feared does tug at your heart but Yona continues to be just a joy to read. I’m glad she remains determined, positive, and kind. Where once she was a spoilt brat, she how gets up in the middle of the night to practice her archery so she’s not a burden or a liability. Yona is written to be the type of person to attract powerful people so I do wonder how long that positivity will last when it’s time for her and her friends to retake her kingdom. Her quest isn’t likely to end up with a flurry of diplomatic missions; she’s gonna have to fight and possibly kill. I’d like her to stay sweet and kind but it’s not in the cards unless some really contrived circumstances take place.

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