April 2017 Birchbox


This box reminded me that I need to start wearing makeup regularly again. I don’t wake up early enough half the time. I have all this great stuff and it’s just sitting around. I do like the idea of makeup removal wipes as a faster solution for cleaning off my face after work but before my workouts. Since I’m getting more and more interested in running, I do have concerns about the makeup getting into my pores once I start sweating.

As for the blowout spray, I’ll bever use it since I use a flat iron instead. Same goes for the texturizing spray. Due to my hair type, using products to make my hair bigger is the exact opposite of what I need to happen. XD I prefer smoothing and frizz control.

This was a 50/50 sort of box where I wasn’t as impressed as I feel I could have been. But they can’t all be diamonds so I’m not gonna complain too much.

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