April 2017 Birchbox


This box reminded me that I need to start wearing makeup regularly again. I don’t wake up early enough half the time. I have all this great stuff and it’s just sitting around. I do like the idea of makeup removal wipes as a faster solution for cleaning off my face after work but before my workouts. Since I’m getting more and more interested in running, I do have concerns about the makeup getting into my pores once I start sweating.

As for the blowout spray, I’ll bever use it since I use a flat iron instead. Same goes for the texturizing spray. Due to my hair type, using products to make my hair bigger is the exact opposite of what I need to happen. XD I prefer smoothing and frizz control.

This was a 50/50 sort of box where I wasn’t as impressed as I feel I could have been. But they can’t all be diamonds so I’m not gonna complain too much.

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January 2014 Birchbox


Ahh, the first box of 2014. And man am I ever glad for the tea. It’s been so damn cold here, I need tea to keep my insides warm. The lotion packets I threw right in my desk for when I need emergency hand hydration.

Hmm… That’s a good name for a band. Feel free to steal it.

Right off the bat I was excited about the color change nail polish. It’s one of those products that I’m pissed at myself for not owning sooner. The detangling spray wasn’t strong enough for my hair but my daughter has finer hair than I do so I passed it on to her. The smell is much better than the generic store brand spray I’ve been buying for her and her hair seems to like it better.

The hot cleanser is an interesting idea. Usually all my skin needs is a very warm washcloth to clean it (save for the times during the month my hormones go nuts and my face explodes). I’m always nervous trying new face things, lest I get a rash…

Stay tuned for an update on the nail polish since I’m super excited to use that. 🙂

B Me Make Over Essentials

On a random trip to the drugstore to get some random crap, I was stopped by a nice man who offered to sell me more random crap.



After I got over the initial shock that this nice man knew more about make up than I did (training my ass… I still felt bad) I figured why the hell not and got the darn thing.


It’s a cute little case, I’ll admit. And I like having what I need all in one package.


It comes with daytime and nighttime palates, eye liner and mascara. The palates are dummy proof labeled to ensure you wear the right colors at the right time.

The colors are nice enough and a quick and dirty application seemed easy and the texture of the stuff is ok. The real test will be wearing it to work or on a date to see if it lasts. If I remember to wear it, I’ll report back. 😉


November Birchbox


I am a fan of ANY box that comes with snacks. It’s chuao chocolate that pops in your mouth like Pop Rocks. It’s a little unnerving to have chocolate do that but it still tastes soooo good. The rest includes a body cream, mascara, nail polish and face cream.

The Color Club polish is a nice party gold which will come in handy this holiday season. 🙂 I hadda toss a bunch of old tubes of mascara so that will come in handy but I am currently suffering a glut of face cream and lotion so those will have to wait a bit. Hopefully I’ll get to them before they expire. :p

October Ipsy Bag


This month’s Ipsy included eyeshadow from Wet n’ Wild which is a really good brand for the prices AND I know how to us this stuff. 😀 The brush I didn’t need because I went for broke and bought a brush set from elf so it can be a backup. The wipes will come in handy in my desk at work (because I have 50 different face washes in the house because of the number of free samples I’ve gotten) and nail polish is basically the one place I feel comfortable enough to experiment and play with because I know how to  use it. XD

As for the hair spray, I’m gonna give it away. My hair comes with it’s own volume and the LAST thing I need is a product that makes my hair BIGGER. My mixed-race background has “blessed” me with poofy, kinky, curly hair. I need moisturizing and smoothing, not volumizing. But I’m sure I know someone who can use it. There needs to be a place to swap bag contents… XD I would sign up so fast. In the meantime, I just pass them along to my friends. 😉

October Birchbox


Yes, this is late but I completely forgot to do this in anything resembling a timely fashion so just enjoy anyway.

This box includes:

So far, I have tried the lip gloss and hair treatment. First off, I LOVE the hair treatment. It came at the perfect time to heal my hair after I burned the crap out of it for NYCC. It smelled great and it turned my straw-like, brittle hair into slightly less dry, brittle hair. I didn’t use too much but I saw a remarkable difference.

As for the lip gloss, I find it a bit thick for my tastes but the shine and color are perfect for a person who doesn’t want to have any one thing be too bright or shiny. It gave me just enough gloss to look polished but I didn’t look like I was drooling.

I look forward to using the mask. I’ve had good luck with the ones I’ve gotten in the past and they are things I wouldn’t usually seek out on my own.

Stay tuned for the Ipsy bag! (also late but… Deal with it)

September Ipsy Bag


Here’s a shocker: I can use everything in this bag! There is not a single item I cringed away from in abject fear; it’s all familiar. THANK YOU IPSY!!! XD

Nope, haven’t tried any of these yet, despite the fact I can easily use any of these. Lately, it’s all I can do to get out dressed and awake in the morning. Forget getting made up. But that’s ok. Those morning’s can’t last forever. Sooner or later, the kid will get used to getting up and ready for school without having me dog her every step to get it done. :p I get halfway to work and realize that I didn’t wear any makeup. Oops…

As I could SORELY use a “Pamper the Lenni” day, those masks will probably get used first. 😉 Stay tuned for my opinions! My only real question is: What the heck am I gonna do with all these bags… o_O

Influenster Mary Kay Box


This box is pretty nifty. I was just thinking I needed more mascara and here one arrives in the mail for me! YAY! I’m not big on lipstick but the shade they sent me is cool. And the last thing in the world I need is a makeup brush cause I have so many but you know, this one is pretty soft.

Nothing really to say about this box other than I’ve never tried Mary Kay before and what they sent me is nice. I already have my personal faves from other brands, though.

Nuance Salma Hayek Special Collection Birchbox



I opted in to get this box inspired by Salma Hayek. The lotion smells amazing and I like the liner and anti-aging cream but I am very, VERY leery of volumizing hair products. My hair needs anti volume products. XD Especially in the most humid days of Spring and Summer, I usually gel my hair into a helmet so it can’t move at all. I will probably hand these off to someone who favors such things.

I think it’s cool that most of this can be bought from CVS for pretty decent prices. They are forever having sales and throwing Extra Bucks at customers so the cost isn’t as bad as some of the really high end stuff I see floating around.

Then again, I seem to be getting so many samples of this stuff, I may never need to buy them again. o_o

May Birchbox


My first impression? “OOOOO!!! Miss Jessie stuff!!” After I was done squee-ing, I got all geeky over the pen. You know writers and their implements.

This box includes:

Toothpaste? Yup, think I can handle how that works. As for blush, I usually come off looking like some sort of clown when I try to use it. We’ll see how that works later. :p If I ever have the guts to touch it.

The face moisturizer is nice but I’ll stick with my Aveeno. I can get it around the block on sale with coupons and it doesn’t mess with my skin.

All cool stuff to me so far. And YAY!! Pen! 😀