B Me Make Over Essentials

On a random trip to the drugstore to get some random crap, I was stopped by a nice man who offered to sell me more random crap.



After I got over the initial shock that this nice man knew more about make up than I did (training my ass… I still felt bad) I figured why the hell not and got the darn thing.


It’s a cute little case, I’ll admit. And I like having what I need all in one package.


It comes with daytime and nighttime palates, eye liner and mascara. The palates are dummy proof labeled to ensure you wear the right colors at the right time.

The colors are nice enough and a quick and dirty application seemed easy and the texture of the stuff is ok. The real test will be wearing it to work or on a date to see if it lasts. If I remember to wear it, I’ll report back. 😉



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