January 2014 Birchbox


Ahh, the first box of 2014. And man am I ever glad for the tea. It’s been so damn cold here, I need tea to keep my insides warm. The lotion packets I threw right in my desk for when I need emergency hand hydration.

Hmm… That’s a good name for a band. Feel free to steal it.

Right off the bat I was excited about the color change nail polish. It’s one of those products that I’m pissed at myself for not owning sooner. The detangling spray wasn’t strong enough for my hair but my daughter has finer hair than I do so I passed it on to her. The smell is much better than the generic store brand spray I’ve been buying for her and her hair seems to like it better.

The hot cleanser is an interesting idea. Usually all my skin needs is a very warm washcloth to clean it (save for the times during the month my hormones go nuts and my face explodes). I’m always nervous trying new face things, lest I get a rash…

Stay tuned for an update on the nail polish since I’m super excited to use that. 🙂


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