Third 5k!

Yesterday, I ran the Super Mom 5k from the Virtual Pace Series (a site I have been haunting, obviously). I decided to run it Friday instead of on Mother’s Day because it’s supposed to be raining all weekend here. It was a beautiful day out! Way too nice not to take advantage of it for a good run.

I used the Zombies, Run! app to track my distance and pace and I think this was my fastest time completing 5k since I started running last September! My pace is absolutely faster outside than on a treadmill and while the treadmill gives me the luxury of catching up on my TV shows while I run, I do plan to make it a point to run outside more often.

After I got home, my knees HURT. This run was rough and it is my own fault for making it so because I was trying to beat my old times. As a result, my knees ache and my entire body feels wrecked. How to people run these ultra marathons!?

Well, they’re experienced runners, Lenni. Duh…

I don’t see myself doing ultra marathons in the future. Right now, my only goal is to get my 5k time under 30 minutes. My progress has been pretty damn good so far; especially since I’m coming from “I hate running and without the threat of death, I won’t do it” I think what I’ve done so far is impressive.

It’s a strange journey I’ve undertaken but I’m glad I didn’t stick with the mentality of “I’ll do it when I lose weight” or “I’m too fat to do this.” Doing this has reminded me what my body can do and it feels awesome!

Since this would be not only my third 5k but my second one this month, I’m taking a break! From racing, at least. I will continue training but my next race won’t be until July; the End Human Trafficking 10k Challenge. It’s 1k a day for ten days so, no; I haven’t gone crazy and suddenly launched into 10k races. After that is the Totally 80’s Virtual Race, which isn’t till September 23rd.

These are so much fun. I will try not to go overboard… XD

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