Writing/Review Update

You all may have noticed I haven’t been posting as often and that is because I am:

  1. Prepping for NYCC
  2. Working my way through some longer books
  3. Writing and editing some short stories

Don’t worry, I am ABSOLUTELY working and working a LOT. I am perpetually exhausted (especially since one book I finished nearly broke my brain). I plan is to get back to daily posting once these longer books are done.

And yes, Lost Brother has been on a hiatus while I finish these short stories. Why? Whelp, to be completely honest, I need the money. First Brood is a great series but it’s just not selling like the short stories are. As a result, I need more of those. Like with the blog posts, my hope is to write a bunch of them so I can publish them monthly or weekly (I haven’t decided which yet) and unfortunately, I have to prioritize paying the mortgage and keeping the lights on over my passion projects. It sucks but, sorry guys. I gotta do the adulting thing.

The project WILL get done. You all WILL get book three. You’ll just have to put up with some shorter stories first.

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