Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly: Disney Villains


  • Ursula earrings
  • Evil Queen bracelet
  • Maleficent necklace
  • Maleficent keychain
  • Villains magnet
  • Villains 4 x 6 art print
  • Poison Apple headband

I love this collection. Thre isn’t much more to be said. XD

The art is great, the item selection is as good as always and I love the little extra of the Evil Queen button. With all my running lately, I’ve been needing more headbands. I’ll  have to be careful with this one so I don’t mess it up.

The earrings and necklace are perfect for Halloween wear. There are only so many black cats and grinning pumpkins you can cycle through before it feels repetitive. And I’m sure this is no accident. Villains are the perfect theme for October. I would have liked to see something with Jafar or Chernabog from Night on Bald Mountain. After all, the theme is “Villains” not “Evil Queens.” Just because it’s a female-centered box, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have loved a charm of Jafar’s staff or something like that. But, I bet that’s just me.

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