November Kal-Elle Monthly: Star Wars



  • R2D2 necklace
  • Millennium Falcon earrings
  • Galactic Empire ring
  • 2018 Star Wars calendar
  • Princess Leia magnet
  • Rey and BB-8 slouchy hat
  • 4×6 art print

Unlike the Justice League bling-bling necklace, the R2D2 necklace isn’t this heavy thing that feels like only a nerdy rapper would wear it. The hat and everything else are fantastic and I love the fact a calendar was included. It’s going right on the wall ASAP. And the magnet, while making me a little sad, felt like a perfect tiny little tribute.

That means this box had me as excited as the previous ones. I put on the earrings immediately; as I have a Darth Vader dress. I am essentially putting together the ultimate geeky wardrobe. I love it.

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Kal-Elle Monthly November: “Justice League”


  • Justice League necklace
  • Aquaman earrings
  • Batman ring
  • Wonder Woman Tiara bracelet
  • Superman key holder
  • Justice League lanyard
  • Batman notepad
  • Justice League magnet
  • Old vs New school art prints

I love the art prints. I love the ring, the earrings, the bracelet, and such… It’s all good. Except for that necklace. It’s overpowering, huge, and heavy to wear. I think I would have liked a Flash necklace instead. Or even a necklace with all the symbols for the heroes on it but there are two Batman items (not sorry to have these!) and no Flash item? Kinda odd.

It did renew my excitement to see the movie though!

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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly: Disney Villains


  • Ursula earrings
  • Evil Queen bracelet
  • Maleficent necklace
  • Maleficent keychain
  • Villains magnet
  • Villains 4 x 6 art print
  • Poison Apple headband

I love this collection. Thre isn’t much more to be said. XD

The art is great, the item selection is as good as always and I love the little extra of the Evil Queen button. With all my running lately, I’ve been needing more headbands. I’ll  have to be careful with this one so I don’t mess it up.

The earrings and necklace are perfect for Halloween wear. There are only so many black cats and grinning pumpkins you can cycle through before it feels repetitive. And I’m sure this is no accident. Villains are the perfect theme for October. I would have liked to see something with Jafar or Chernabog from Night on Bald Mountain. After all, the theme is “Villains” not “Evil Queens.” Just because it’s a female-centered box, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have loved a charm of Jafar’s staff or something like that. But, I bet that’s just me.

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Kal Elle Monthly: “Sherlock”


I’m not big into Sherlock but this stuff is pretty cool! This box contains:

  • Socks
  • “You’re my Watson” “You’re my Sherlock” key chains
  • Sherlock necklace
  • Sherlock earrings
  • Magnet
  • car decal
  • 4×6 art print
  • 221 B bracelet

I may not be a huge fan of the show but I am a big literature geek so I LOVE this collection of things. And it’s pretty clever how they have the Sherlock element in an actual element square. Nice pun. I’m a little shocked there wasn’t a decoder ring or something like that but I am betting those are a bitch and a half to make and would likely break pretty quick when worn too often. I like all this stuff, though!

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Kal-Elle Monthly: “Peter Pan”

  • Peter Pan and Wendy necklace
  • Neverland Charm bracelet
  • Thimble earrings.
  • Peter Pan coffee cup
  • Peter Pan magnet
  • 2 4×6 art prints
  • Wendy Darling inspired nail polish

This month’s crate was really hyped up and it was worth the wait. The nail color is this ethereal blue, the jewelry is lovely, the mug is awesome. I wouldn’t mind other cups or mugs from this box in the future (maybe one of those BPA free water bottles?).

I am happy with all of this and with the added mug, this is a good value. Any sort of dishes with a Disney character on them can be expensive. And the design is classy. Peter Pan isn’t a fandom I’ve ever been more than passively interested in but this is some nice stuff! Keep knocking it out of the park, Kal-Elle!

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Kal-Elle Monthly: “Spider Man”


  • Headphone/change purse
  • Spider Man necklace
  • Spider Man earrings
  • Magnet
  • Bathbomb
  • Art Print
  • Pillow case

Not being the biggest fan to Spider Man (I just never really got into it), I wasn’t as excited to get this one as others. That is, until I saw the contents. I love when this subscription includes back products. Back when I got the Game of Thrones box, the entire thing was infused with the smell of the bath salts and although it’s a product with only one use, it is nice to experience it.

But logically, something you can use over and over is preferred…

If I had to pick a favorite, I would say the headphone/change purse. It’s cute and it just happened to be something I needed!

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Kal-Elle Monthly: “Wonder Woman”

  • Wonder Woman bag
  • Wonder Woman logo necklace
  • Wonder Woman magnet
  • Wonder Woman socks
  • Wonder Woman shield earrings
  • Wonder Woman silhouette print
  • Wonder Woman action art print
  • “Fearless” bracelet

Well, what can I say? It’s all Wonder Woman stuff. It can’t help but be awesome.

If I were to be picky, I would have liked more of a gauntlet style bracelet or a ring/bracelet combo like this to look like the famous lasso. Picture it: a gold (colored) ‘W’ ring with a rope like chain connected to a bracelet that says ‘Fearless’ on it? That would be epic…

Overall, the value of the Kal-Elle boxes is consistently good. So far, I have never been completely disappointed with anything I’ve received. Absolutely worth every penny.

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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly: Pirates of the Carribean

  • Davy Jones Key Necklace with heart
  • Skull Earrings
  • Bone bracelet
  • Pirate skull tea infuser
  • Pirates Life for Me tote bag
  • Skull magnet
  • 4×6 art print

Being closed goth, I’ll take any skulls you give me but I am impressed with the selection here. I wore the earrings and necklace right away and found them both comfortable to wear but the edges of the key catch on everything. But after the SUPER HEAVY earrings in the Deadpool box, I’m glad these skulls are light.

For me, the star here is the tea infuser. I like the style of it and it’s so cute, I’ll be drinking more tea just to have that awesome skull in my cup. Absolutely worth every penny.

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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly Box: Mario!


  • Super Mario necklace
  • Yoshi earrings
  • Star ear cuff
  • Two coasters
  • Super Mario notepad
  • Super Mario magnet
  • 4 x 6 art print
  • Super Mario lip balm
  • Ghost ring

All of this stuff is super cute. It makes me wish I was MORE into Mario but it’s more of a passing interest for me. That doesn’t mean I won’t be wearing or using this stuff (except for the lip balm and that’s only because I personally don’t enjoy lip balm that’s food flavored). I love that I finally got some stationary! I’m honestly surprised I don’t get more of that in any of the boxes I subscribe to.

I should see if my old Nintendo works…

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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly Box: Beauty and the Beast (absolute spoilers!!!)


  • Rose earrings
  • Art print
  • Tale as old as time bracelet
  • Gold coin purse
  • Music note ring
  • Bookmark
  • Silhouette necklace
  • Belle magnet

I guess this was to be expected with the movie coming out soon. That being said, yeah, this stuff is pretty cool! A little girly for me but it is a nice assortment of items! However, I won’t lie; I will probably divide all these between my niece and my kid. 😉

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