Kal Elle Monthly: “Sherlock”


I’m not big into Sherlock but this stuff is pretty cool! This box contains:

  • Socks
  • “You’re my Watson” “You’re my Sherlock” key chains
  • Sherlock necklace
  • Sherlock earrings
  • Magnet
  • car decal
  • 4×6 art print
  • 221 B bracelet

I may not be a huge fan of the show but I am a big literature geek so I LOVE this collection of things. And it’s pretty clever how they have the Sherlock element in an actual element square. Nice pun. I’m a little shocked there wasn’t a decoder ring or something like that but I am betting those are a bitch and a half to make and would likely break pretty quick when worn too often. I like all this stuff, though!

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