Kal-Elle Monthly: “Peter Pan”

  • Peter Pan and Wendy necklace
  • Neverland Charm bracelet
  • Thimble earrings.
  • Peter Pan coffee cup
  • Peter Pan magnet
  • 2 4×6 art prints
  • Wendy Darling inspired nail polish

This month’s crate was really hyped up and it was worth the wait. The nail color is this ethereal blue, the jewelry is lovely, the mug is awesome. I wouldn’t mind other cups or mugs from this box in the future (maybe one of those BPA free water bottles?).

I am happy with all of this and with the added mug, this is a good value. Any sort of dishes with a Disney character on them can be expensive. And the design is classy. Peter Pan isn’t a fandom I’ve ever been more than passively interested in but this is some nice stuff! Keep knocking it out of the park, Kal-Elle!

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