Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly: Game of Thrones


  • House Targaryen pillow cover
  • Dragon Claw ring
  • A Girl Needs A Name necklace
  • 4 x 6 art print of a soldier in the snow
  • “Winter is Coming” Honey almond bath fizz from Frakking Bombs on Etsy
  • White Walker King magnet
  • Hand of the King Brooch
  • Dragon Ear Cuff

The ear cuff is awesome but I have freakishly small ears (or a giant head… Whatever) so it was a BITCH to get this thing on. And it hurt. But that’s not the cuff’s fault; I just had no idea how to get it on and the trial and error caused me pain. It’ll take practice before I decide to wear this around.

The art, magnet, and pillow case are cool, the ring and pin are badass, but I don’t even wanna USE that bath fizz because it smells SO awesome. I spent a few minutes just sniffing it. If I ever have any money again; I would absolutely purchase some.

This is one of the boxes I get that I look forward to the most every month. There’s always something that surprises me! The contents are very original and unexpected. Even though I stopped watching this show somewhere mid season two; it’s like Walking Dead in that you cannot avoid absorbing it somehow. It’s just everywhere so I know the context for the necklace and the magnet and such. I know the characters despite not turning in for the episodes. I’ll save why for another post (if you want) but it is NOT as angry a reason as why I quit The Walking Dead. It was more “I have WAY too much shit to read/watch/do and I don’t have time for this and who the hell was that again?” It’s there, I’m here, and I have this AWESOME collection of goodies as a result. I can’t wait to see what they do with the next one.

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