Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly: Game of Thrones


  • House Targaryen pillow cover
  • Dragon Claw ring
  • A Girl Needs A Name necklace
  • 4 x 6 art print of a soldier in the snow
  • “Winter is Coming” Honey almond bath fizz from Frakking Bombs on Etsy
  • White Walker King magnet
  • Hand of the King Brooch
  • Dragon Ear Cuff

The ear cuff is awesome but I have freakishly small ears (or a giant head… Whatever) so it was a BITCH to get this thing on. And it hurt. But that’s not the cuff’s fault; I just had no idea how to get it on and the trial and error caused me pain. It’ll take practice before I decide to wear this around.

The art, magnet, and pillow case are cool, the ring and pin are badass, but I don’t even wanna USE that bath fizz because it smells SO awesome. I spent a few minutes just sniffing it. If I ever have any money again; I would absolutely purchase some.

This is one of the boxes I get that I look forward to the most every month. There’s always something that surprises me! The contents are very original and unexpected. Even though I stopped watching this show somewhere mid season two; it’s like Walking Dead in that you cannot avoid absorbing it somehow. It’s just everywhere so I know the context for the necklace and the magnet and such. I know the characters despite not turning in for the episodes. I’ll save why for another post (if you want) but it is NOT as angry a reason as why I quit The Walking Dead. It was more “I have WAY too much shit to read/watch/do and I don’t have time for this and who the hell was that again?” It’s there, I’m here, and I have this AWESOME collection of goodies as a result. I can’t wait to see what they do with the next one.

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July 4th weekend recap

Ma went back into the hospital on Friday night. I’m of the (correct) assumption there is going to be a lot of this in and out with hospitals which is why I didn’t furiously post about how much I was freaking out on Friday. While Mom is still in the hospital, she is in there because they will (rightly) not release her till the shingles rash has healed. She’s also getting a CAT scan on her lungs to see how the tumors are progressing. The nurses are being SUPER awesome and keeping me in the loop. I need to get them candy. XD

On the subject of money, I have decided I am going to close my Etsy store. Not right NOW but in the future when I own website has more traffic (meaning I can update it regularly). I’m working on having my own storefront of stories to sell, which will take time, but that got me thinking: If I’m going to have a storefront to sell my stories, why can’t I sell my needlework there, too!? I’m already paying for a domain and hosting so there’s no sense in me paying Etsy fees on top of that and making the CEO of Etsy rich while I don’t sell a thing. It would also give me the option of listing needlework when I darn well please and not have to worry about my shop standing empty or items expiring. I’ll still shop at Etsy because I believe it’s important to support handmade and indie artists and authors but I think I’d save money selling on my own. :/

Like I said, I don’t plan on doing this anytime soon. I have plenty of items there to keep the store presentable and there’s a bunch of legal stuff I have to do to close the Etsy store and set up my own site as a real business so I can pay my taxes and all that good stuff. I am WAY too cute to go to jail for tax evasion. 0.0 But I think this would be MUCH more cost effective for me and allow me to focus on my writing with less guilt about ignoring the 50 other hobbies I have. XD

I’ll be making this transition very slowly as I need to concentrate on getting as many short stories up to sell as possible. Think I can join the Million Club? I sure as hell am gonna try. XD One crazyassed story at a time. 😉