Why I am DONE with The Walking Dead

Yes, this contains spoilers but… Yeah, I don’t care.

I won’t lie, I tuned in, despite promises to myself to get some damn sleep for a change, and – I also cannot lie – I stopped watching after Denise got the arrow in the eye. Skyrim jokes aside, I was pissed off for several reasons which I will bitch about here.

First off, Denise was the first character I’ve seen in the show with a decent role that wasn’t model pretty and rail thin. She kinda gave me hope that Rule 1 of Zombieland wouldn’t apply to me because I may not be skinny but I can kick ass and survive. Fat reserves are are a good thing in times of scarcity, people…

Second… She’s the only doctor!! Dafuq!!!! I know that’s not a reason to death proof the character but it’s certainly a reason to hold on for some Dr. House like moments.

Third… Seriously? The ole “Lesbians can’t be happy” trope!? Are you kidding me!? With a show that supposedly has taken so many chances and been hailed as so innovative and intelligent; they resort to this?


Other blogs and articles have already been written but I did debate with myself for awhile over whether or not to even bother but then I remembered when I posted about Glen and I’m going for it. Because I… I just don’t get it.

As a creator, I understand the need to try and keep your audience shocked, gasping, keep them coming back to see what you will do next. But just like the last time I felt the need to rant about this show, I am annoyed as a creator and a fan.

I have no problem dropping this show because, as I frequently tell patrons who ask me if I’ve seen various things; there is way more TV than there is time. And my time is decidedly precious (3000 books on my Kindle and Nook to review for you guys, I have an 8 year old who is into science, and I recall a time when I could rollerblade and my old/fat ass can’t so much as stand up on the damn things now…) and much like the ole saying in Secret Window: No Bad Writing. Not to say this is bad writing but the essence of the phrase still applies: I have no time for bad TV, bad books, or bad movies. If I am not satisfied, I can’t continue. And… I am not satisfied.

I’m not so revolutionary to be all “Ehermagherd, boycott the show!!!111!!” because I honestly don’t care that much. You like it, have a party! Enjoy! By all means!

But I won’t. Because I feel, once again, jerked around. I feel like I’m being messed with; not told a good story. So enjoy Daryl, enjoy Carl, Rick, and Michonne but… I’m out. I’ll read the wiki later if I feel like it.


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