October Loot Crate: Horror

  • Interior is Walking Dead (insert gasp of shock here)
  • Camp Crystal Lake pennant
  • Leather Face plushie
  • Freddy Glove Chopsticks
  • Regrettable Supervillians book
  • Halloween pin
  • Negan slugger tshirt

Yeah, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you are familiar with my opinion on The Walking Dead. Doesn’t mean that shirt didn’t give me a giggle. But to me, the real stars of this crate are the Leather Face plushie and Freddy chopsticks. I want to eat everything with those chopsticks. Those are just damn hilarious. I didn’t even look at the book yet!

Despite Walking Dead being overrated, predictable, nonsense at this point, this was a well put together crate. It covers all the best franchises and whoever came up with those chopsticks needs to know they just made my day. Absolutely brilliant.

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Why I am DONE with The Walking Dead

Yes, this contains spoilers but… Yeah, I don’t care.

I won’t lie, I tuned in, despite promises to myself to get some damn sleep for a change, and – I also cannot lie – I stopped watching after Denise got the arrow in the eye. Skyrim jokes aside, I was pissed off for several reasons which I will bitch about here.

First off, Denise was the first character I’ve seen in the show with a decent role that wasn’t model pretty and rail thin. She kinda gave me hope that Rule 1 of Zombieland wouldn’t apply to me because I may not be skinny but I can kick ass and survive. Fat reserves are are a good thing in times of scarcity, people…

Second… She’s the only doctor!! Dafuq!!!! I know that’s not a reason to death proof the character but it’s certainly a reason to hold on for some Dr. House like moments.

Third… Seriously? The ole “Lesbians can’t be happy” trope!? Are you kidding me!? With a show that supposedly has taken so many chances and been hailed as so innovative and intelligent; they resort to this?


Other blogs and articles have already been written but I did debate with myself for awhile over whether or not to even bother but then I remembered when I posted about Glen and I’m going for it. Because I… I just don’t get it.

As a creator, I understand the need to try and keep your audience shocked, gasping, keep them coming back to see what you will do next. But just like the last time I felt the need to rant about this show, I am annoyed as a creator and a fan.

I have no problem dropping this show because, as I frequently tell patrons who ask me if I’ve seen various things; there is way more TV than there is time. And my time is decidedly precious (3000 books on my Kindle and Nook to review for you guys, I have an 8 year old who is into science, and I recall a time when I could rollerblade and my old/fat ass can’t so much as stand up on the damn things now…) and much like the ole saying in Secret Window: No Bad Writing. Not to say this is bad writing but the essence of the phrase still applies: I have no time for bad TV, bad books, or bad movies. If I am not satisfied, I can’t continue. And… I am not satisfied.

I’m not so revolutionary to be all “Ehermagherd, boycott the show!!!111!!” because I honestly don’t care that much. You like it, have a party! Enjoy! By all means!

But I won’t. Because I feel, once again, jerked around. I feel like I’m being messed with; not told a good story. So enjoy Daryl, enjoy Carl, Rick, and Michonne but… I’m out. I’ll read the wiki later if I feel like it.


February Loot Crate!


I am loving all this Deadpool merch I’m getting… XD

As you can see, there’s a Q-Fig, a shirt, a Walking Dead little toy, and Walking Dead soap on a rope. The little zombie crate pin is adorable and looks a LOT like the zombie book I sketched a few years ago.

I will be generous with this crate and give my kid most of it. The fact she thought the soap was so cool makes me question my parenting but hey, it’s all hers if she wants it. But that shirt is all mine.

I am pleased with the overall quality of these subscription boxes for geeky stuff. I usually don’t keep it all but most of it is really cool and I am glad I took a chance on them. They ain’t cheep, but they sure are fun!

What I’ve Been Up To

For some strange reason, after reading my reviews some publishers dare to offer their work to me. The last four I’ve received were:

And some… Some I’ll do for the heck of it (which is why I’m surprised I get any books to review anymore):

And of course editing is happening little by little. I’ve been really plugging away at everything so stay tuned!!

Writer Wednesday – First Brood Update

Despite being distracted by the con, book 2 is progressing. I am glad to take this extra time with it because I found some impressively GLARING typos I somehow managed to miss the first 5 times I went through the manuscript. But progress is being made. Look forward to seeing it before the end of the year for sure. 🙂

When it comes to the various other short stories I have been juggling, I am just picking away at them line by line when I have time. I would be working on them more but… Yeah, I dunno. Shiny objects?

Seriously, I’ve been getting more books to review (expect another installment of the Walking Dead novels…) so those take up a lot of my time. I don’t consider it a waste at all (the fact that publishers still offer up their work to me after reading the other reviews I’ve written just amazes me) because I get to read things I never would have ever picked up on my own. But, it’s time I’m not writing. Just a fact of life. I’m still trying to balance reading, writing, and the working single mom thing but I hear I’m pretty damn awesome. I’ll get the hang of it.

“Why do we fall?”

Because gravity is a bitch, that’s why.

Last night, Lenni took a little tumble. (and rattled my brain enough to speak in third person…) I totally underestimated my slipper’s ability to maintain friction when wet and I landed pretty hard on my left side. I’m sore and unhappy but I’m right handed so I’ll be alright. I can still write but I have to be careful in general.

In happier news, I did another book review for Otakus and Geeks. Here it is and I hope you enjoy!

The Walking Dead and other crap I’m doing

There are certain authors who could write a phone book and I would run off to read it. Robert Krikman is one of them. As the go to gal for graphic novels in my library, you know damn well I made sure to get The Walking Dead series as part of my collection. I also make sure to read as much of the collection as I can. I got sucked into this series from word one. Cue the fangirlish screaming when I hear a television show is being made!

And of course the "please don’t fuck this up" prayers.

I consider my prayers answered! I am so happy with where this show is going, I can scarcely believe it! I’ve seen a lot of zombie movies (it was one of the cravings I had when I was pregnant… Don’t ask.) and while I may be biased since I’m a fan of the comic, The Walking Dead gives me so much more than just "zomg, don’t eat me." If I want that I can watch Resident Evil AND I’ll get to stare at Michelle Rodriguez. Walking Dead is not really about the zombies, it’s about the survivors and how this effects them. People love to sit and wonder "Gee, I wonder how I’d fair in the zombie apocalypse?" And here, you get a likely answer. You would scrape for any normalcy you could get all the while being stripped of your sanity and civility.

As for my plan? I plan to be the most epic zombie ever. Me and my zombie kid shall roam together a la this book, until my hillbilly husband puts a bullet in my head. XD I harbor no illusions as to my physical prowess. I’d be infected and roaming the countryside in a week.

As for my little experiment, I’ve gotten one story complete so far and I’m close to another one getting finished in a day or so depending on where it goes. I’m also sketching again (hell froze over and Dad is pissed) so I plan to open a Zazzle shop with some of my little doodles on them. Anything to make the money, baby!