The Walking Dead and other crap I’m doing

There are certain authors who could write a phone book and I would run off to read it. Robert Krikman is one of them. As the go to gal for graphic novels in my library, you know damn well I made sure to get The Walking Dead series as part of my collection. I also make sure to read as much of the collection as I can. I got sucked into this series from word one. Cue the fangirlish screaming when I hear a television show is being made!

And of course the "please don’t fuck this up" prayers.

I consider my prayers answered! I am so happy with where this show is going, I can scarcely believe it! I’ve seen a lot of zombie movies (it was one of the cravings I had when I was pregnant… Don’t ask.) and while I may be biased since I’m a fan of the comic, The Walking Dead gives me so much more than just "zomg, don’t eat me." If I want that I can watch Resident Evil AND I’ll get to stare at Michelle Rodriguez. Walking Dead is not really about the zombies, it’s about the survivors and how this effects them. People love to sit and wonder "Gee, I wonder how I’d fair in the zombie apocalypse?" And here, you get a likely answer. You would scrape for any normalcy you could get all the while being stripped of your sanity and civility.

As for my plan? I plan to be the most epic zombie ever. Me and my zombie kid shall roam together a la this book, until my hillbilly husband puts a bullet in my head. XD I harbor no illusions as to my physical prowess. I’d be infected and roaming the countryside in a week.

As for my little experiment, I’ve gotten one story complete so far and I’m close to another one getting finished in a day or so depending on where it goes. I’m also sketching again (hell froze over and Dad is pissed) so I plan to open a Zazzle shop with some of my little doodles on them. Anything to make the money, baby!

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