November Kal-Elle Monthly: Star Wars



  • R2D2 necklace
  • Millennium Falcon earrings
  • Galactic Empire ring
  • 2018 Star Wars calendar
  • Princess Leia magnet
  • Rey and BB-8 slouchy hat
  • 4×6 art print

Unlike the Justice League bling-bling necklace, the R2D2 necklace isn’t this heavy thing that feels like only a nerdy rapper would wear it. The hat and everything else are fantastic and I love the fact a calendar was included. It’s going right on the wall ASAP. And the magnet, while making me a little sad, felt like a perfect tiny little tribute.

That means this box had me as excited as the previous ones. I put on the earrings immediately; as I have a Darth Vader dress. I am essentially putting together the ultimate geeky wardrobe. I love it.

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