August Birchbox

I am really happy with this month’s offering from Birchbox. (that’s my referral link if you wanna sign up) Any time I get the chance to try a new type of product for curly hair for free, I’m a happy camper. In terms of trying types of makeup I wouldn’t normally use, this box isn’t as good as the others. Hair is something I’m pretty familiar with. However, I am excited to try this stuff. 🙂

The one thing I don’t really care about is the razor. Really? I’m a cheap bastard. I get my razors in bulk from BJ’s or deeply discounted from the pharmacy. I’ve learned over the years that price isn’t really a factor in how well a razor does it’s job on my legs. But hey, extra razor! 😀

Since I am a curly haired gal, I will absolutely review the Miss Jessie’s products. Look for that coming up soon. 😉


Thoughts on my short hair

Ma never wanted me to cut my hair, even in mourning. I know she wouldn’t like me cutting it for her, even though the cut makes me look like I’m more clone than daughter. o_O

Thing is, I kinda like it like this.

I didn’t think I would like it. I thought I would burn it straight till it grew out enough to gel down to my head but here’s the thing: It looks GOOD short and curly despite me looking in the mirror and seeing Ma.

It’s still me. I’ve always been me.

I miss her but I hope she doesn’t mind if I keep my hair short for awhile. I miss the long hair (mainly when I brush my neck because that hurts like hell), and I’ll let it grow back eventually. But I’m happy this way. 🙂

I love you Ma. But I gotta be me; every crazy assed bit of it. XD


Goodbye Hair…

Every time I’ve cut my hair, there has been loss. The first time was like cutting a leash: My parents couldn’t tell me what I would do with my own body anymore. I lost the dependance of childhood.

The second time was when I lose my Granny. I cut it to my chin, the shortest length I’ve ever had it, to show the depth of my loss. She was a parent. I grieved deeply.

The third was after I had my daughter. I lost my “Maiden” status when I gave birth – which nearly killed me. I was a Mom. That time I only cut it below my chin, as it was a beginning for me as well. I love my daughter and she was worth every drop of blood I spilled to bring her in to this world.

Now, I have lost my Mother.

So, I give it to her. I love her enough that she can have it.

Hopefully, I never have to cut my hair again.