Goodbye Hair…

Every time I’ve cut my hair, there has been loss. The first time was like cutting a leash: My parents couldn’t tell me what I would do with my own body anymore. I lost the dependance of childhood.

The second time was when I lose my Granny. I cut it to my chin, the shortest length I’ve ever had it, to show the depth of my loss. She was a parent. I grieved deeply.

The third was after I had my daughter. I lost my “Maiden” status when I gave birth – which nearly killed me. I was a Mom. That time I only cut it below my chin, as it was a beginning for me as well. I love my daughter and she was worth every drop of blood I spilled to bring her in to this world.

Now, I have lost my Mother.

So, I give it to her. I love her enough that she can have it.

Hopefully, I never have to cut my hair again.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Hair…

  1. Hi Lenni!

    First, I am so, so, so incredibly sorry to hear about your mom! Epic hugs to you, my dear. xoxo

    As far as hair is concerned. I cut my hair to nearly bald when I was going nuts in the cult. I even sported a faux hawk for a while, when I was a roller-derby team (I was RAGE!). I know all about hair therapy.

    I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for years and, just recently, managed to get it to my shoulders, but cut it off again a few months ago because it was very DEAD! I’d wake up with a rat’s nest in the back of my head that would take forever to get out (and hurt like hell!).

    Since I’m broke, I checked out some youtube videos and found it quite simple to cut my own hair into an a-line bob, even though I never cut anyone’s hair before! There is some kind of relief that comes with watching the hair fall…

    After I did it, I spoke with a friend about how good I feel now without the evidence of getting my ass kicked is off my head. She told me hair hangs onto stuff, which is why it’s good to cut it sometimes.

    It sounds out there, but I do believe it’s true. I’ve let go of tons of emotional baggage since I got my “new do.”

    Good for you.

    Here’s to both of us NEVER cutting our hair again!

    With Love, Go-Go Rach

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