Holiday Spruce Up Crave Box and News



This was a cute little box but I an’t use the dishwasher stuff. I don’t own a dishwasher. XD One day when I can afford to redo the kitchen, I will absolutely get one.

Now… On to why I haven’t been posting. Long story shot, I’m getting divorced and I’m dealing with the emotional fallout from that. You’d be surprised how such an emotional roller coaster it is so I haven’t been writing. So, in the last year or so, I’ve lost my Ma, my library, and my marriage. I’d like some freaking kudos for not being blackout drunk right now much less producing any creative work. But I’m getting there…



Blessed Lammas! :D

This Lammas, I made a bread man! 😀 In’t he a cute little creepy bastard? *kisses him* He’s made from herb bread sprinkled with sea salt. I made the dough in a bread machine (kneading aggravates my tendinitis) and sculpeted him before popping him into the oven.

He’s so fricking cute, I don’t even wanna eat him. XD

Have a blessed day everyone! 😀

Blessed Samhain!

Image: Salvatore Vuono /

And a Happy Halloween to all the non-Pagans out there! 😀 (click here for a lazy Wikipedia link to what Samhain is)

I have no particular plans other than to take the kid out for trick-or-treating and hand out candy. I would usually have a Dumb Feast but I’m still in the “This is the first holiday without Ma.” place so I’m skipping it this year.

I am going to be writing this afternoon while the kiddo is in school. I’m working on a contest entry since I’m still stuck in the vampire novel. I hope futzing around with some short stories will shake something lose! That is one good thing about working on more than one thing at a time. You may be stuck in one project but you have three others to fall back on. XD

Screw Black Friday

I gotta give it to people who actually camp outside of stores in order to grab the latest thingamabob that TV tells them they want this year. But I for one avoid the whole damn thing. I can’t stand it.

I’ve worked in retail so the only reason I would be in a store on Black Friday is if I got time and a half to be there. The concept of "ZOMG, BUY MY CHEAP CRAP NAOW!!" in order to drive people into such a frenzy they kill one another seems barbarous and manipulative. I make it a point not to buy a damn thing I don’t need on Black Friday.

I will, however, be participating in Small Business Saturday to support my fellow Etsy members and other small business that really suffer in the wake of giant discount megamarts trying to squish them.

I’m a hippy, so sue me.

I for one am glad to be in the library today and will stay away from stores whenever I can ’till late January or so. I shop online when applicable but mostly, I give baked goods as presents. Cheap, fun, and I can tailor each gift to the person. And what I really love about them? You don’t have to keep them! They won’t gather dust on a shelf, can’t get bored with them, and if they break, you can still use ’em. XD Hell, if you break a cookie, all the calories fall out. 😉

But if you’re out or going out to brave the hordes today, for heaven’s sakes be careful!