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I gotta give it to people who actually camp outside of stores in order to grab the latest thingamabob that TV tells them they want this year. But I for one avoid the whole damn thing. I can’t stand it.

I’ve worked in retail so the only reason I would be in a store on Black Friday is if I got time and a half to be there. The concept of "ZOMG, BUY MY CHEAP CRAP NAOW!!" in order to drive people into such a frenzy they kill one another seems barbarous and manipulative. I make it a point not to buy a damn thing I don’t need on Black Friday.

I will, however, be participating in Small Business Saturday to support my fellow Etsy members and other small business that really suffer in the wake of giant discount megamarts trying to squish them.

I’m a hippy, so sue me.

I for one am glad to be in the library today and will stay away from stores whenever I can ’till late January or so. I shop online when applicable but mostly, I give baked goods as presents. Cheap, fun, and I can tailor each gift to the person. And what I really love about them? You don’t have to keep them! They won’t gather dust on a shelf, can’t get bored with them, and if they break, you can still use ’em. XD Hell, if you break a cookie, all the calories fall out. 😉

But if you’re out or going out to brave the hordes today, for heaven’s sakes be careful!