June Loot Crate: “Alter Ego”

  • DC Comic New 52 Poster Collection
  • Hulk Bowl
  • Spider-Man QFig
  • Transformers Shirt
  • Loot Pin

While the bowl and statue are cool, my favorite is the shirt. It is a great design and it’s SOOOOO comfortable. I get stares and complements every time I wear it.

My problem with getting dishes is they are not microwave safe and sometimes can’t even be used for hot foods. So it’s a fancy cereal bowl… If I ate cereal more often that’d be great but I’d like to be able to put all types of food in the dishwear they provide in these boxes. It may be nitpicky of me to say so but it is what it is.

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May Loot Crate: Power

This crate contains:

  • Power pin
  • Galactus Infinity Gauntlet potholder
  • World of Warcraft t-shirt
  • Hulk Q-Fig
  • Dragon Ball Z squishy ball with a dragon on it

I actually emitted a nerd girl squee when I saw that potholder! This is my favorite item from this box. I can’t wait to use it this Memorial Day weekend while I bbq. I do plan to see the World of Warcraft movie even though I’m not into the game. I just think it’s cool, I want to support it, and if it does well, I’m hoping for more good video game movies (that aren’t effing Angry Birds…).

I think I would have liked to see a Loki staff keychain or something like that or some sort of item from another fandom. Maybe a spellbook or wand… It just seemed a little light on stuff this month. But man, that Infinity Gauntlet… Effing awesome! 😀

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