May Loot Crate: Power

This crate contains:

  • Power pin
  • Galactus Infinity Gauntlet potholder
  • World of Warcraft t-shirt
  • Hulk Q-Fig
  • Dragon Ball Z squishy ball with a dragon on it

I actually emitted a nerd girl squee when I saw that potholder! This is my favorite item from this box. I can’t wait to use it this Memorial Day weekend while I bbq. I do plan to see the World of Warcraft movie even though I’m not into the game. I just think it’s cool, I want to support it, and if it does well, I’m hoping for more good video game movies (that aren’t effing Angry Birds…).

I think I would have liked to see a Loki staff keychain or something like that or some sort of item from another fandom. Maybe a spellbook or wand… It just seemed a little light on stuff this month. But man, that Infinity Gauntlet… Effing awesome! 😀

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