J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate: “The Ties That Bind”


  • Hogwarts house tie: Ravenclaw
  • Black family tree shawl/scarf
  • The Wand Collection Book
  • Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem Pin

The pin is my favorite. Aside from the fact I am an obvious Ravenclaw, it’s just lovely.

I think I can invent a reason to wear that tie… And also learn how to tie a tie…

All in all, if I were to rank these, the book would be on the bottom for its inability to be used in various circumstances. You can wear the rest of this but the book will just BE there. It’s pretty but not practical. Absolutely a super fan item (and I am NOT complaining). The tie would be next, then the scarf, then the pin would be at the top because it is so shiny and cool.

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Star Trek Limited Edition Loot Crate


  • Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken comic
  • Enterprise ship
  • Live Long and Prosper pin
  • Live Long and Prosper air freshener
  • Star Trek crew socks

I will admit feeling as though this crate is a little light on items. I’ve gotten this exact air freshener before and there was no shirt. However, these are some badass socks.

Overall, I would have liked to see just more items. This crate is just sort of OK considering it’s from one of my favorite fandoms.

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Limited Edition Loot Crate: Stranger Things 

  • “Friends Don’t Lie” shirt
  • Stranger Things Trading Cards wax pack
  • Eleven and Hopper socks set
  • Creation Crib Eleven and Mike figure
  • Supremoscenes Eleven vs Demogorgon variant
  • Stranger Things 80’s Concert Button Set
  • Hawkins Middle School journal
  • Supremoplush Upside Down Barb

Yup. Best box ever. What else can I say? It has an AWESOME shirt big enough for me to sleep in, great figures, a journal, buttons, and OMG BARB!!! It may be a little morbid but man, is that plushie cute!

I am broke as hell and shouldn’t have spent the money on this but it was worth every freaking penny and more. It has all of my favorite types of items with creative designs and you can’t go wrong with the theme.

Well, I can think of ways it could go terribly wrong but it didn’t so, YAY!

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November Loot Crate: Unity 2.0

  • Voltron ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ t-shirt
  • Overwatch Widowmaker Funko Pop
  • Black Power Ranger Mini Fig
  • Loot Crate Unite 2.0 Pin
  • Official reprint of first Justice League comic with certificate of authenticity
  • VNV $10 credit

They had me at Voltron ugly Christmas shirt…

So, this is my second VNV credit thing, which I shall also give away to someone and I will also likely pass along the Widowmaker Pop to a real fan of the game. Don’t get me wrong, these things are awesome but I don’t feel deserving of them as I’m not really interested in them. That’s the cool thing about this is I can give them as gifts. ^_^

I do think they could have been a teeesnie bit more creative with the theme title tho. This is the littlest of nitpicks but yeah, I think they should have brainstormed a different name instead of just adding 2.0. Power Teams maybe?

That Voltron shirt redeems all, though.

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November Loot Anime: Besties

  • Modoka Figure from Puella Madoka Magica by Banpresto
  • $10 VRV coupon
  • Seven Deadly Sins Hawk Eraser
  • One Piece Chopper String Backpack
  • Loot Anime Phone Charm
  • K-ON Manga
  • Poster

I know I usually don’t bother with the posters but I really liked the design of this one because it involves the best things in life: pets, books, and cardigans. This poster is librarian approved.

Overall, this is a cute selection of stuff. The little pig thing kinda freaked me out. It’s the biggest eraser I’ve ever owned…

Puella Madoka Magica is the only property I’m familiar with in this box. One day I’ll get around to Seven Deadly Sins but I couldn’t get into One Piece. I’ll probably pass this one on to a real fan along with the credit for the VRV anime service. I barely have time for the media I consume NOW, I refuse to add another.

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Firefly Loot Crate: Inara

  • Firefly ship cherry blossom shirt
  • Postcard painting
  • Sihnon bookmark
  • Hosue Mandrassa pin
  • House Mandrassa Companion Notes notebook
  • Serenity Logo doormat
  • Signal Magazine
  • Inara statue

I love the fact that when I take the surveys after I get these boxes and squawk like a geek for more journals and stationery in general, SOMEBODY out there heard me. XD

Overall, very happy with this. The shirt is not only pretty but soft and comfortable. I am never sorry to get a bookmark, the pin is nice, the statues are always cool, and I have no problem with having a nerdy doormat. If the bumper of my car is already a geek’s paradise (Star Wars, Aperture Science logo, a companion cube…), I have no problem slowly transforming the house in a similar way.

The journal itself is a good size for quick note taking and the cover is puffy and soft. Maybe it would have been better if it was refillable; since the cover is so nice, but that’s a very minor gripe. Barely even a gripe, more of a suggestion for next time.

Yet another worthwhile box! I always liked Inara so I’m glad to see her highlighted here.

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J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate

  • MACUSA desk supply set
  • Honeydukes eraser set
  • Harry Potter’s wand pen
  • Ravenclaw scarf
  • Slazar Slytherin’s locket pin

I honestly feel like these guys are listening to me when I always say to put stationary items in the crates. How awesome is it to put an office memo on Magical Congress stationary!? And have awesome pens and erasers? I love getting things I can actually USE rather than have figures and dolls all vying for space in my house. Collectables are nice but having them EVERYWHERE is clutter and there are only so many t-shirts I can wear.

Even though I probably shouldn’t spare the expense, I found this crate to be worth the money! I love what I’m getting.

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August Loot Crate: “Kingdoms”

  • Link classic shirt
  • Adventure Time Nice King and Gunter figure
  • Lord of the Rings color changing glass
  • shield pin
  • Ent and hobbits art print

It took me WAY too long to realize the shirt had the picture in the actual shape of Link in that shot of the level in the game. I am convinced I’m going senile at an early age.

My favorite items are from Lord of the Rings. I already picked a spot in my office for the print and I can see sipping some nice cold wine out of the glass. The Nice King is very cute, but I haven’t taken the plunge to watch Aventure Time yet so it’s not having as much of an impact on me as it should. I will get around to it though!

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July Firefly Loot Crate: Dr. Simon Tam

  • Exclusive Jayne’s Blue Sun Replica T-shirt
  • Exclusive Firefly Travel Sticker
  • Exclusive Blue Sun Lapel Pin
  • Mal in a Spacesuit Q-Bit
  • Alliance Cruiser Q-Craft Puzzle Model
  • Exclusive Simon Tam Little Damn Heroes Mini Master
  • Londinium Waveward

This came with gloves… That is so frikkin strange.

The doc was a cute character and I like the tiny figure of him. Despite the fact it’s a Jayne shirt and not a Simon shirt, I enjoy this one. I can’t think of another type of garment befitting the doctor since he sure isn’t the t-shirt type…

This isn’t the coolest crate but it is still worth the value. I’m just enjoying all the fantastic collectibles.

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July Loot Crate: Animation

  • Rick figure flipping the bird
  • Bob’s Burger’s pin
  • Slurm can cozies from Futurama
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt
  • Bob’s Burgers Burgher of the day recipes

I don’t have a photo of it (mostly because I usually don’t care about the box) but this month came with a nifty display side for the burger recipes.

On that note; THIS BOX CAME WITH RECIPES! 😀 I only recently got into Bob’s Burgers (I was watching it while I was in the hospital) so I think that’s a super cool item. Not as cool as that shirt because I’m a shameless nostalgic fangirl for the original TMNT cartoon.

As for the Rick figure… Is it bad that I expected WORSE than just a middle finger behind that huge red bar? I thought he’d be dual wielding dildos or something. From what little I’ve seen of the show; flipping someone off is the LEAST Rick has done. It’s a nice figure and reminded me that I do need to give that series another try but only after I’m done with Bob’s Burgers and Black Mirror.

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