July Firefly Loot Crate: Dr. Simon Tam

  • Exclusive Jayne’s Blue Sun Replica T-shirt
  • Exclusive Firefly Travel Sticker
  • Exclusive Blue Sun Lapel Pin
  • Mal in a Spacesuit Q-Bit
  • Alliance Cruiser Q-Craft Puzzle Model
  • Exclusive Simon Tam Little Damn Heroes Mini Master
  • Londinium Waveward

This came with gloves… That is so frikkin strange.

The doc was a cute character and I like the tiny figure of him. Despite the fact it’s a Jayne shirt and not a Simon shirt, I enjoy this one. I can’t think of another type of garment befitting the doctor since he sure isn’t the t-shirt type…

This isn’t the coolest crate but it is still worth the value. I’m just enjoying all the fantastic collectibles.

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