Firefly Loot Crate: Inara

  • Firefly ship cherry blossom shirt
  • Postcard painting
  • Sihnon bookmark
  • Hosue Mandrassa pin
  • House Mandrassa Companion Notes notebook
  • Serenity Logo doormat
  • Signal Magazine
  • Inara statue

I love the fact that when I take the surveys after I get these boxes and squawk like a geek for more journals and stationery in general, SOMEBODY out there heard me. XD

Overall, very happy with this. The shirt is not only pretty but soft and comfortable. I am never sorry to get a bookmark, the pin is nice, the statues are always cool, and I have no problem with having a nerdy doormat. If the bumper of my car is already a geek’s paradise (Star Wars, Aperture Science logo, a companion cube…), I have no problem slowly transforming the house in a similar way.

The journal itself is a good size for quick note taking and the cover is puffy and soft. Maybe it would have been better if it was refillable; since the cover is so nice, but that’s a very minor gripe. Barely even a gripe, more of a suggestion for next time.

Yet another worthwhile box! I always liked Inara so I’m glad to see her highlighted here.

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July Firefly Loot Crate: Dr. Simon Tam

  • Exclusive Jayne’s Blue Sun Replica T-shirt
  • Exclusive Firefly Travel Sticker
  • Exclusive Blue Sun Lapel Pin
  • Mal in a Spacesuit Q-Bit
  • Alliance Cruiser Q-Craft Puzzle Model
  • Exclusive Simon Tam Little Damn Heroes Mini Master
  • Londinium Waveward

This came with gloves… That is so frikkin strange.

The doc was a cute character and I like the tiny figure of him. Despite the fact it’s a Jayne shirt and not a Simon shirt, I enjoy this one. I can’t think of another type of garment befitting the doctor since he sure isn’t the t-shirt type…

This isn’t the coolest crate but it is still worth the value. I’m just enjoying all the fantastic collectibles.

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January Firefly Loot Crate

  • Saffron kiss pin
  • Lassiter Blueprint Shirt
  • Saffron Little Damn Heroes Mini Master Figure
  • QBit Figure
  • Serenity Metal Keychain
  • Where in the ‘Verse Planetary Flash Cards
  • Firefly Travel Sticker

Saffron was such a fun character and her figure is adorable. You can’t tell from the pic but she’s hiding that gun behind her back.

Out of all the boxes I get, I think the Firefly box has the best shirts. I get a lot of keychains and statues and such but other than the Mario shirt from the other Loot Crate I got, I’m much more excited for the shirts in this subscription than any other. I think this one has the best value, too; when I factor in the average number of items I end up keeping for myself.

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October Firefly Loot Crate: Wash

  • Many Faces of Wash tshirt
  • Trading cards
  • Signal magazine
  • Wash pin
  • Play/Quarantine door hanger
  • Wash figure
  • Beaumonde Sticker
  • Q-Fig Max Inevitable Betrayal Playset

After Zoe, I think Wash was the crate I was looking forward to the most. I was convinced I’d get a ship in this one but nah. Ah well. That shirt is fucking priceless. I don’t quite understand the door thingie but I can give it to the kid.

As my cleaning progresses, I’ll be getting shelves to display all these figures. I’m on the fence about even removing them from the box! Of course, I’ll post pics when I have them all displayed nicely.

As for the box itself, this one is still up to par with the others. They’re a lot of fun and I love all the random stuff I’m getting. No clue what I’m gonna do with those dinos though…

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July/August Firefly Loot Crate

  • Corporal Zoe Alleyne Certificate of Valor
  • Q Bits PVC Figure
  • Zoe QM Mini Masters Figure
  • Zoe t-shirt
  • Hera sticker
  • Firefly Journal
  • Big Damn Heroes Pin

Finally a journal! Not that I need any more blank books in my life but, yay! Zoe was one of my favorite characters in this series/movie so I was super excited for a crate centered around her.

Although I’m partial to the journal, this is still my favorite crate from this series so far. Once I get my office cleaned up the way I want, I’m gonna put shelves up to display all these awesome figures.

Probably still in the boxes… Because I’m weird.

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Firefly Loot Crate


Ok, I gotta admit I didn’t know what to expect from this crate but I am loving what I have. There’s a teddy bear, some drink umbrellas, bookmarks, magazine, statue, mystery figure (that I still haven’t opened), collectible cards, and sketches of the ship.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of adding a shelf in my office for all this cool swag I’m getting. I am so glad this series hasn’t been forgotten about and I would love to have this stuff on display for when (of if I ever) I start doing vlogs or any sort of video. I do have a YouTube account floating around out there… But to stay on topic, I am really curious to see what other stuff Loot Crate has to send me for this show. I would have liked a full-size umbrella (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) but this subscription box is awesome so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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Firefly Loot Crate Founders Gift


Upon hearing Loot Crate was doing a Firefly theme, I jumped on it. As one of the first to sign up, they sent me this cute little pin!

I’ll be honest, I keep the pins in their packaging because I’m always afraid I’ll lose them. But, I am sorely tempted to put this on my bag.

The first crate hasn’t arrived yet but I will post when I get it. 🙂



Character Death Fatigue. It’s not a thing, but it should be. (Spoiler Alert)

Like most people, I watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead anxious to see how they’re going to deal with the (in my opinion) the most ridiculously contrived plan to herd zombies. (One well placed Molotov cocktail, people…) As you may know (again, spoilers) it’s looking like Glen didn’t make it. My phone explodes, my friends who are fans are freaking out; and all I could say is “I just rolled my eyes.”

Is it bad to say I’m bored with it? Because I’m kinda bored with it.

I don’t mean the show. I mean the killing of a character as shock value when you can easily see about 20 ways for that NOT to happen. Like with Tyreese… All of a sudden the normally noisy, groaning walkers can silently creep up on a guy? TWICE? And it’s not the first time that’s happened in this series. It’s really starting to seem like that as an audience member, I’m being messed with not being told an awesome story. I get that tension is important, conflict is important; that’s what makes these stories so compelling. That’s what keeps us coming back every week. But now I get the feeling they’re just trying to jerk me around.

Walking Dead isn’t the only show that’s giving me this fatigue; Game of Thrones lost my interest for this same reason. George R.R Martin can be quoted as saying “I’ve been killing characters my entire career, maybe I’m just a bloody minded bastard, I don’t know, [but] when my characters are in danger, I want you to be afraid to turn the page (and to do that) you need to show right from the beginning that you’re playing for keeps.” and he’s damn right. The feeling that everyone is always safe can get boring. However, getting through many seasons of a show only to find out a character I love has died can sometimes make me feel like I wasted my time. I stopped watching Game of Thrones because I knew who was gonna kick the bucket and where spoilers usually don’t bother me at all (especially when I come into a show with 3-4 seasons under it’s belt already), taking time out of my life to get emotionally attached to a character knowing I’m not going to get any sort of satisfaction? No completed character arc? It kinda sucks.

Don’t get me wrong; real life is like that. People die for no reason, cheaters don’t get a comeuppance, liars get away with millions, thieves get a slap on the wrist and their victims are expected to be happy about it. But that’s what watching these shows is about, escapism. Entertainment. Fun. But this “HaHA! Gotcha, fuckers!” feeling gets me when I watch these shows now. That’s why when my friends say “I can’t wait to see what happens next week!” I just shrug and say, “I kinda don’t care.”

I am not saying these shows are bad or anything of the sort. I’m just not as excited to see what happens next anymore. It’s the same feeling when you scream at the movie “Woman, why are you running from the serial killer UP the stairs!?” or “Of course there is magically no signal on their cellphones at THIS moment.” or “Yes, you should totally back into the dark room instead of calling the cops. The killer won’t TOTALLY be in there.” I don’t feel a payoff. There isn’t a core group I can watch change and evolve over time; someone’s gotta kill someone to shock the audience so the internet can explode with theories as to what happened and how.

I still feel the need to say I’m not criticizing the overall quality of the series, or the writers, or anything like that. It’s just a trend I’m noticing and these are the two most prevalent examples. If you want a throwback, when they killed Willow’s girlfriend in Buffy. Or when Joss Whedon offs any random character, really. Or when “The Black Guy” dies in a horror movie. You just shrug and go; “Well, that happened again.” It’s not BAD, just not surprising anymore.

So, there’s why I don’t care if Glen is dead – in the show – and why I really did stop reading the comic after they killed him in the comics. It’s why I’ll probably get around to watching Game of Thrones but can’t promise I will. It’s why I CANNOT WATCH THE END OF SERENITY, DAMNIT, and the last season of Xena even had me shaking my head in disbelief. Shit, even Z Nation did this to me! That’s why I’m coining this phrase: when a series no longer shocks you when characters die because it’s happened so often is Character Death Fatigue.

At least for me. I’m sure I’ll continue to have people freak out on me because I feel this way. If it makes you feel any better? I’ll probably watch next week. Because there are other characters they haven’t offed. Yet…