October Firefly Loot Crate: Wash

  • Many Faces of Wash tshirt
  • Trading cards
  • Signal magazine
  • Wash pin
  • Play/Quarantine door hanger
  • Wash figure
  • Beaumonde Sticker
  • Q-Fig Max Inevitable Betrayal Playset

After Zoe, I think Wash was the crate I was looking forward to the most. I was convinced I’d get a ship in this one but nah. Ah well. That shirt is fucking priceless. I don’t quite understand the door thingie but I can give it to the kid.

As my cleaning progresses, I’ll be getting shelves to display all these figures. I’m on the fence about even removing them from the box! Of course, I’ll post pics when I have them all displayed nicely.

As for the box itself, this one is still up to par with the others. They’re a lot of fun and I love all the random stuff I’m getting. No clue what I’m gonna do with those dinos though…

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