October Marvel Box: Dr. Strange

In an amazing amount of zero shock, the Marvel box this month is based on the upcoming Dr. Strange movie. It includes:

  • Dr. Strange patch
  • Dr. Strange pin
  • Dr. Strange mug
  • Dr. Strange Pop Figure
  • Dr. Strange comic
  • Dr. Strange Pop Figure shirt.

My favorite out of the lot is the shirt. Because it’s cute. I’ve never been the biggest Dr. Strange fan; not because I didn’t like him. I just never got into this comic. When a kid has an allowance for her comics, you can only pick so many. I’m sure I’ll take a dive into this character more now that the movie is coming up.

As for the rest? Eh, it will probably end up over on eBay. I don’t need more mugs or figures so I think they will be better off in the hands of a bigger fan than me.

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