April Marvel Box: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

  • Star-Lord Patch
  • Gamora Pin
  • Secret Empire #0 Variant Edition
  • GOTG vol 2 Pop Shirt
  • Rocket Raccoon with a Baby Groot Pop Figure
  • Dorbz Ridez Star-Lord with the Milano

I’ve been getting some awesome shirts in these boxes. The pins and patches are cool and the figures are really nice but I’m a sucker for these shirts (even though they’re in the stylized Pop art). I have the feeling my kid is gonna end up stealing those figures…

This crate was certainly worth the price in terms of content. Those Pop figures ain’t cheap. I do like how I’m always pleasantly surprised by what Marvel sends me.

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December Marvel Box: X-Men

  • Storm Collector Corps patch
  • Magneto pin
  • Xavier’s School t-shirt
  • Mystique Rock Candy figure
  • Wolverine’s Motorcycle Pop Figure
  • Champions comic

If comics were a drug, X-Men would have been my gateway. I was SO into X-Men starting in grade school and up till college and I still keep tabs on what’s up in the universe now that my job is to get graphic novels for the library. Obviously, I was SUPER hyped for this box.

If I were to have one gripe, it would be the flagrant lack of Rogue here. She was always my favorite and I don’t think she gets enough spotlight time. Mystique is cool and all, tho.

But what X-Men fan in the UNIVERSE didn’t want an Xavier’s school shirt!? I don’t know why I didn’t think of that immediately when I heard this month’s theme for the box but that is my favorite item here. I may gift the other stuff but that shirt is all mine.

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October Marvel Box: Dr. Strange

In an amazing amount of zero shock, the Marvel box this month is based on the upcoming Dr. Strange movie. It includes:

  • Dr. Strange patch
  • Dr. Strange pin
  • Dr. Strange mug
  • Dr. Strange Pop Figure
  • Dr. Strange comic
  • Dr. Strange Pop Figure shirt.

My favorite out of the lot is the shirt. Because it’s cute. I’ve never been the biggest Dr. Strange fan; not because I didn’t like him. I just never got into this comic. When a kid has an allowance for her comics, you can only pick so many. I’m sure I’ll take a dive into this character more now that the movie is coming up.

As for the rest? Eh, it will probably end up over on eBay. I don’t need more mugs or figures so I think they will be better off in the hands of a bigger fan than me.

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Marvel June Box: Women of Power


This month we have:

  • Ms. Marvel patch
  • Spiderwoman pin
  • Squirrel Girl Pop figure
  • She-Hulk and Captain Marvel figures
  • Spider Gwen shirt
  • Civil War II comic

Spider Gwen shirt wins this box. This shirt is awesome. I still need to invest in a pin board to mount all the pins, I pass the patches on to my kid, I like the figures, but it’s the shirt that hooked me this time. I haven’t even read that comic yet. Very happy with this month’s box.

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